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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough VigkVagk Mission 2

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Mission 2. Phoyla Flatlands. At the start of the mission you will be near a group of enemies with orders to destroy them. As soon as you reach a group, you will be ordered to defeat Myifee.

After you defeat Myifee, and fight the enemies around you for a while, you will get a cutscene. Afterwards, you will appear with a bunch of allies in your minimap, and a bunch of enemies south of you.

As you fight the enemies, Aspharr will appear to the east, and you will be ordered to defeat him.

Once you defeat Aspharr, start fighting the enemies around you. After a little while you will be instructed to move to the location highlighted on your minimap.

Once you get to the area, you will get a movie scene. Afterward, groups of enemies will attack you. You have no allies now. Head toward the enemy circled on your minimap.

When you reach that group, defeat Inphyy. After you defeat Inphyy, Dwykfarrio will move toward you and attack you.

Defeat Dywkfarrio to finish the mission. If you are having trouble beating him, you might want to kill the Trolls around him first. You are now finished with all of VigkVagk's missions. Congratulations! You just beat N3.... Or did you?