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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Tyurru Mission 1

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Tyurru. Tyurru is a water mage. I would say that she is the most difficult character to play. She is incredibly susceptible to damage. Mission 1. Bastide of Varrgandd. At the start of the first mission, there will be many enemies around you. You will be instructed to destroy the enemies outside the Castle.

Initially it is best to stay away from the catapults and the enemies near them. First you should kill all the enemies in the most northern part, then work your way southward. Staying near allies is very useful as well. When you head toward the catapults, you will get a cutscene. You will then have to fight a Troll.

Once you defeat the troll, there will be a cutscene. Once you finish off the rest of the goblins, there will be another cutscene. You will then appear inside the castle.

You will be instructed to destroy the enemy at the North and East Gates. Kill all the enemies in the area around you, then head toward the huge highlighted area on your minimap. There are a few chests in the other areas of the map you might want to go through. As you approach the highlighted area, you will come across an ally and get a cutscene. When you are ready, head toward the South Gate. As you approach it you will get another cutscene. You will be next to a bunch of enemies with instructions to destroy the enemy.

As you fight these enemies, more enemies will come pouring in through the gate. If you let three groups run past the highlighted area, you will fail the mission. The current number of invaders will be displayed at the top of your screen.

If you are having trouble a good way to keep the Number of Invaders below three (the way I did it) is to hang around the northeast corner of the highlighted area. After you fight for a while VigkVagk will appear. Kill him and the enemies will retreat. Then you will finish the mission.