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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Klarrann Mission 2

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Mission 2. Fort Wyandeek. Immediately after the mission starts, you will be ordered to defeat the guard.

You can head southward to get some chests and extra experience. When you are ready to continue, head northward. You will come across a group of Pwucks.

As you fight your way further along the path, you will run into Ppakk the Third along with a large group of Pwucks.

After you defeat Ppakk, follow the path to northward to the end to get a chest. Then head back and continue down the pathway. You will be instructed to join Inphyy and Aspharr.

Head toward the allies highlighted in the minimap. When you reach them, kill all the enemies in the area. Kill the Troll once it appears. Then you will get a cutscene and the final central gate will open up.

Once you go through the gate you will be instructed to defeat the Trolls by the altar. Although you are supposed to go up the central path, there are some chests containing xp at the end of the northeast and north south paths. When you are ready, go to the end of the central path and kill the Trolls to finish this mission.