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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Dwingvatt Mission 3

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Mission 3. Castle of Varrvazzarr. You will begin this mission slightly westward of a large group of enemies.

Help the Gweg king by killing all the enemies around him. After fighting these enemies for a while, you will be informed that Ppakk needs some help. head further down the pathway until you reach him.

Kill all the enemies in the area. After you kill all the enemies around you and Ppakk's health bar is no longer above yours, head across the frozen bridge.

A little ways after crossing the bridge you will get a cutscene. You will then be ordered to aid the Orcs.

While your fighting these enemies, you might want to try to destroy any guard tower you can reach. One tower toward the west will give you a divine ring for destroying it. Once you reach the Orcs, you will be instructed to defeat Aspharr and defend the front.

After you defeat Aspharr, the Orcs will start to head further down the path. Go in front of them and try to clear out a pathway, so that Leuu won't take too much damage. Once the Orcs reach the main area, there will be a short cutscene. Afterwards you will be informed that Varrvazzarr's sons have arrived.

They are the in enemy groups on your mini map that have a yellow circle around them. After you defeat them all, Lord Vydenn will appear and you will be instructed to defeat him.

The mission will end once you defeat him.