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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Klarrann Mission 1

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Klarrann is a slow moving character. However, his weapon has incredibly high range. It also has many area attacks and special weapon transformation moves. I personally found his weakness to be fighting boss type enemies. Mission 1. Bastide of Varrgandd. You start this mission surrounded by enemies and allies.

After fighting for a short while, you will get a cutscene and be instructed to rescue the human captives.

head toward the highlighted square of the minimap. After you kill all the goblins surrounding the captives, you will be given instructions to take the captives to the west gate.

As you approach the west gate, you will come across a few chests containing healing wood. Since this item heals an area around you, use it to keep the captives' health up. As you reach the highlighted area, near the west gate, there will be a cutscene. You will then be ordered to defeat the Troll.

Do not rush straight for the Troll, you still need to defend the captives. Once all the enemies near the captives are gone, head toward the Troll and kill it. Once you kill the Troll, you will get a cutscene and the captives will escape. Afterwards you will be ordered to Rescue the castellan from the white Goblin.

Fight your way to the highlighted ally group on your minimap. Once you reach that point, there will be a very short movie scene. Afterwards, you will be told to defeat the white Goblin.

The mission will end after you beat the white Goblin (Dwingvatt).