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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Aspharr Mission 5

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Mission 5. Ywa-Ue-Uar-Forests. This mission is also very similar to Inphyy's. Almost immediately, you will be instructed to find Dwykfarrio.

This time, head northward until you reach the area where you fought Ppakk the Third with Inphyy.

As you go through this area, there will be a cutscene. After which, you will be ordered to kill Ppakk the Third. After you defeat him, the screen will blank out. You will come to in the most northwestern part of the map.

Head southward and you will come across those tree demon enemies in the same place you did with Inphyy.

After you kill them, head southward and you will have groups of Arrphan come at you from every pathway.

As you fight them, there will be a cutscene and an ally will come to help you. As you fight the Arrphan, their commander will appear and you will be ordered to kill her.

After you kill the commander, there will be another cutscene. You will then be ordered to hunt down Dwykfarrio.

head toward the highlighted rectangle on your minimap. Once you reach there, you will get a movie scene. You will once again be instructed to hunt down Dwykfarrio. Head toward the newly highlighted area on your minimap.

Upon arriving, you will encounter Dwykfarrio and some other enemies.

It might be a good idea to ignore Dwykfarrio until you have killed all the enemies around him. After you kill him, you will be finished with this mission. You are now finished with all of Aspharr's missions.... for now...