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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Myifee Mission 2

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Mission 2. Bastide of Varrgandd. At the start of this mission, you will be given the orders to take out the enemy catapults. Head in the direction you start in and you will see a bunch of catapults.

Once you destroy all the catapults, you will be given an order to kill all the goblin troops. Once you have finished there will be a cutscene. Afterwards, you will be inside the castle. Now kill all the enemies inside the green area on your minimap.

Once you finish, two more green squares will appear on the minimap and you will be given orders to destroy the orcs inside the castle.

Head toward the smaller green square. If you want, you can go into the other areas of the map for some extra xp. Once you reach the first smaller green area on the minimap, there will be a weapon (Tornado) inside a chest in that area.

There are some more items in that area. As you approach the last green squared minimap area, you will get a cutscene where someone named TeaTea attempts to steal some stuff. Afterwards, you will have to fight him. Beat him, then go to the area highlighted green on your minimap. As you approach it you will see swarms of enemies. After a movie scene, you will be given orders to destroy the elite orc units.

Once you finish off these units, the mission will be complete.