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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Inphyy Mission 4

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Mission 4. Fort wyandeek For starts you need to kill the two goblin commanders

I would suggest killing every enemy in the area Instead of just the commanders. Once you have killed the goblin commanders, a gate will open and allow you to further progress the level. In the next area you will have to kill the orc corporal.

Once you kill everything go into the next area and you will then be ordered to kill the archer groups.

In the next you will need to kill an Orc corporal again.

If you head up the rightward path, you will come across some Pwucks. Then head through the final gate. You will get a cutscene when you go through. Then the path will split into three directions.

Go up on the left side to start a short cutscene. Afterwards gather the chests located on the side you are on and the side completely opposite to it. When you get all the chests, head up the center path.

Kill the Goblin wizards. Then you will have finished the mission.