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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Inphyy Mission 2

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Mission 2. Eaurvarria Mountains. Keep in mind that getting an S rank on this level will give you one of Inphyy's best weapons. Start out by killing all the enemies around you.

After a short period of time, all the enemies will run away. Run after them for a while and there will be a very short cutscene. Then fight your way to the left side of the map.

Go up to the top of the area in the lower left corner of the map and get the item there. Then go straight up on the map until you reach a sort of split off in the map.

Go to the north path that dead ends after a short distance, break open the chest and equip the weapon it gives you. Then head through the other path.

Watch out for those mages. Stay mobile to avoid their attacks. A little further and you will reach a rather large group.

If your blue bar is full at this point. I would suggest not using your special move until the next part of this level. Once you kill all the enemies in this group, head up northward until you activate a short scene showing you a troll.

Use your blue special move if you have it. Otherwise just kill every enemy and ignore the troll until you kill everything else. There is a sword in a chest in this area but you cannot wear it until you are level three. Now carefully kill the troll (block a lot) and the mission will be finished. You might want to go through this level again at some point if you didn't get an S rank on this level. It is also worth it to go through levels with an S rank and get an A rank since those items are useful as well.