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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Inphyy Mission 1

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Initially Inphyy is the only character you can pick. After a few movie scenes, the game will commence. Mission 1. Divine Varrfarrinn.

This first level is pretty straight forward. Simply kill 50 enemy units. Then two groups of archers will appear. kill them and the general (Gorgann) next to them. Then Aspharr will appear. Defeat him and the level will be finished. It is important to check the rank you received for completing a level. You will receive a reward (an accessory or weapon) for getting an A rank on a level. You also receive a different reward (usually better) for an S rank. Therefore, it is quite often helpful to beat a mission, that you have already completed, over again. If you are having trouble getting an A or S rank on a level you might want to try killing every enemy on the level. That strategy usually gives you a high rank.