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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Mission 5

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Mission 5. pholya flatlands. At the start of this mission you will want to kill the first group of enemies which you will see immediately after starting the mission. Then you will want destroy the next group of enemies that appear in front of you on the mini map once you kill most of the first group.

As you kill this next group, enemy dragons will appear. You will be given instructions to take out the Arrphan in order to stop the dragons. You don't really need to worry about it, just keep killing all the enemies in the area and the dragons will leave. Once you finishing killing everything, enemy reinforcements will arrive. Head northward to meet them.

The first enemy you will run into is Dwingvatt

He moves quite fast. If you are having trouble beating him, my best advice is block often. Once you finish Dwingvatt, Dwykfarrio will appear.

Kill Dwykfarrio and the mission will be complete.