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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Mission 6

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Mission 6. Ywa-Ue-Uar Forests At the start of this mission your group is searching for dwykfarrio.

If you want a high rank, you'll probably need to run around the map and kill everything. Otherwise, head eastward until you reach the area on the far left.

In this general area, kill everything and walk around a bit to get a cutscene, after which you will find your self about halfway across the map.

After you kill all the enemies next to you, a large amount of Pwucks will appear. Kill Ppakk the Third. Afterwards, you will once again appear in a different place on the map.

Head southward. You will come across a group monsters with the instructions to "Destroy the Armies of the Night!" Once you kill them, there will be some cutscenes. Afterward, you will once again appear on a different part of the map.

Fight your way through this path until you reach the end a little past the upper right corner of the map.

Once you reach this point you will fight Dwykfarrio again, along with some enemies. I would suggest killing all the other enemies first and then fighting Dwykfarrio. Once you kill him you will be finished with Inphyy's missions... for now.