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Payday 2 Walkthrough Firestarter Day 3

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We've stolen weapons from a rival gang and broken into the FBI themselves, what amazing mission could we be doing for Day 3? Oh, it's just Trustee Bank again, that's disappointing. Grab the Drill behind you and head in.

This is literally the same map as all the other Bank Heists apart from a few minor things, so plant the Thermal drill on the vault door and wait for it to open...

...but instead of placing the drill, you got quite a shock! Vault door has been booby trapped with electricity.

Head up to the roof and open the security door to find the power switch to the trap. You're now free to place the drill.

Instead of stealing money from the bank, we're here to BURN IT! Set the camera up and light the cash on fire.

After the money has burnt enough, you can grab the Cam and get out of here. For some final extra cash, feel free to stick around and pick some deposit boxes.

Once you're ready to end the mission head to the van with whatever loot you might have grabbed.