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Payday 2 Walkthrough Rats Day 1

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Welcome to Rats, Lets learn how to Cook meth! The Objective is to go into the house, but I'm going to show you some important items first. To cook meth we need ingredients, so follow me around the house.

This Long green air tank is what Hydrogen Chloride looks like. Always loot this ute out back first, it's the farthest from the house, so it's hard to get to it during assault when you need more items.

This short and chubby white bottle is what Caustic Soda looks like. There are two sheds near the house, loot these second. They aren't far from the house, but still dangerous to loot during assaults, so loot them now.

And finally this thin green container is the Muriatic Acid. The Basement is the place to loot after the sheds are empty. It's possible to get caught on the stairs, but it's a small sprint back into the house.

The Last area that has the ingredients is this bathroom inside the house. ALWAYS loot this last. Trust me, when you're 20 minutes in an assault without enough health and ammo to push out to the ute, you'll be glad you left these here to grab easily.

Anyways, head upstairs killing any Mendozas to come up in time to see them execute the meth cooks. Well dang, looks like we need to cook the meth ourselves!

Periodically you'll need to input an item to keep cooking the meth, Bain will tell you what item you need, but sometimes he doesn't know or doesn't say the correct one. There is no time limit on the input, so if you're not sure, just wait a few seconds for Bain to repeat the instructions so you can figure out which one is the correct one. You'll want to get it right, because if you don't, the lag will explode.

If Bain says "I think it's ___" or doesn't sound sure, it might be incorrect. Wait for him to say a new line to confirm what it is. If he says a line like "Ok, it is ___" then you can be sure it's correct. If he says "I think it's ___" again, but the ingredient he said is the same, that is also correct. You'll get used to the voice lines eventually.

Each bag of meth requires you to put in 1 of each item (in the correct order), which means there are no repeats for a bag. So if you've already put in Muriatic Acid and Caustic Soda, you already know the last one will be Hydrogen Chloride.

After the last ingredient goes in, the meth is almost instantly cooked. Grab and bag the finished product from the end of the table and keep it safe. You need to do this at least Three times to call the van.

Once you've cooked three bags and the van arrives, you can finally start securing the meth. Don't feel the need to bolt just yet though, as a maximum of 7 bags of meth can be cooked for a ton of extra money. If that doesn't interest you, just escape with the three.