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Payday 2 Walkthrough Big Oil Day 1

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The Elephant has us crashing the party of a Biker gang that has some Intel we need. Time to Storm their base.

Charge in quick and kill everyone in the base. If you're quick (and stealthy) about it, you can kill everyone without the police getting alerted.

Search through the house for the safe and drill it open for the Intel we need.

If you killed everyone really fast (or stealthily), or simply got to them before the Bikers could burn them, there are some helpful assets for Day 2 on some of the tables throughout the house. If the Bikers saw you, they quickly try to burn all these assets, so getting them isn't easy.

One asset not to be missed if you can help it is these keys. They are really helpful in Day 2 so grab them if they didn't get burnt.

In the basement next to the Garage is a room full of ATMs. If you got the tools, crack them open for the fast cash.

Once the safe is open, you can grab the Intel and get out of here on the boat you came in on. This day is short and sweet, mainly to see if you get any bonus assets on Day 2, the real mission.