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Payday 2 Walkthrough Big Oil Day 2

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Now the real mission begins. Charge into the big house and take out any of the FBI agents you find guarding it.

Search around the house for high security doors like this, and bust them open. One has a computer we need to hack, the rest have nothing.

Once you find the correct server room, you'll need to start the hack on the computer. This has a timer like a Drill and can be stopped if the cops break a fuse box.

After the hack is done, you can open the door down into the labs. This is where the fun really begins!

There are so many engines... to find out which one we need, you gotta find 3 pieces of info. The first one is a 4 digit number on a computer in the lab. It's either <5800 or >5700

On a notepad you'll find the correct chemical scribbled down in the corner. It's either Helium, Nitrogen or Deuterium.

Go back to the whiteboard in the middle and find out which colour your chemical matches.

Finally, on a clipboard you'll find out how many hoses it should have. 2 x H for two, 3 x H for 3 and H for 1.

Figure out which engine you need with those pieces of info. <5k means over 400 on the dial and>5k means less. The colour is the colour of the tank, and the _ x H is how many hoses are coming off the big blue air tank. Once you've got the right one, bag it up.

As soon as you bag an engine (right or wrong) you'll get a prompt to light a flare to signal the chopper. Drop the (really heavy) bag and quickly light it to not waste time. Then grab your bag and move it to somewhere defendable.

Eventually the chopper arrives, grab your bag and throw it in. The chopper will fly away with it to test it out, and you're left to wait until they do.

If the engine turns out to be a dud, the chopper will fly back and you need to throw another bag in (hopefully right this time). If the engine turned out to be the correct one, the chopper will fly back, but this time to let you escape! However, if you were able to get the keys from day one, you can escape in the jet as soon as they test the right engine!