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Payday 2 Walkthrough Framing Frame Day 3

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Use the Laptop on the roof to view the cameras in the paintings. You can highlight guards and the items you need. If you're playing multiplayer, it might be smart to leave someone on cams.

Stuff marked from the computer will show up from a while to all other players, so it's worthwhile to check where everything and everyone is at.

Sneak around the house to find the 5 electronic items we need while dodging guards when possible.

Once you've gotten all 5 items, head up to the roof and set them up.

Now head done to his office and use his computer to start framing this guy.

Now we need to find the hidden vault. Slide around the bookcases, as behind one of them lies the Vault. Walk down to the door to activate the next objective.

Head back up to the roof again, and a helper will throw across the drugs we need to finish the frame job.

Carry the coke down and throw them into the zone by the vault to set them up. Nearly done now.

Last step until freedom is using his computer one last time to open the vault. Only then will escape appear for some reason.

Those looking for cash would love to stick around and loot the gold from the vault. To do so you need to deactivate the lasers from the computer. They also stay down for so long, so grab so gold and then turn the lasers off again. If doing this solo, try not to get caught in the safe behind the lasers, you'll have no choice but to blow stealth.

Any gold you get goes onto the tarp on the roof. Gold or no gold, the escape is waiting. So once you're done, you can leave.