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Payday 2 Walkthrough Framing Frame Day 1

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Welcome to the art heist, one the big boys, and the final one for this guide. Make your way around the this door on the right without getting spotted.

Pick open this door and walk into the bathroom.

Slowly and carefully make your way into the gallery and take out guards you can under the cover of ECMs. Just don't forget to answer their pagers when it ends, and how many pagers you can answer.

Locate the paintings marked with this round red 'Sold' sticker and bag them from the walls they hang from.

Watch out for these lasers, ECM or not, these spell the end of your stealth if you go through them. Only one spawns per map, so you can easily walk around the other way to get behind them.

Up to nine paintings spawn per map, and while you don't need that many, Day 3 becomes way easier if you do. Take what you grabbed to the van and bolt once you're done.