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Payday 2 Walkthrough Rats Day 3

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Before we start the mission, If you have any interest in getting money on this day, but the Ace Pilot asset. It really is worth it.

We've tracked the Mendozas to a bridge and intercepted them. Push your way towards the bus.

Once you're on the bus, proceed to butcher every single Mendoza rat on it. That's it, objective complete, you can now escape. But if you want some cash, read on.

All of these black cases on the seats are filled to the brim with cash! Open one and grab the cash...

...To find out that they rigged the bus with C4 explosives! Quick, defuse the C4 under the money as soon as you see it, you don't have much time to defuse it.

Just as most of these cases carry money, most of them hide C4 under the money. If you're going to get all the cash, be sure to grab one bag at a time and defuse the C4 right after, otherwise...

...The bus will go up in flames and all the cash inside (bagged or not) will burn up with it.

After you start bagging some cash, the Loot chopper will start on its way to you. Hold out until it arrives then throw the money into it. Be careful, as it's possible (and very easy) to miss and loss a bag to the river below! Once done, head to the escape zone.