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Prince of Persia Walkthrough Boss The Warrior

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The warrior cannot be hurt by your magic or your sword. With that said this guy is really easy to kill.

Back up to the edge of the platform. He will try to stomp on you. Mash your square button.

You escaped his trap. Now he's right on the edge. Attack him with everything you got.

He will try to stomp you again. This time mashing your square button will throw him over the edge.

Well that's it. Bye bye warrior.

The warrior does get a lot of special attacks later.

It doesn't matter if you avoid these or not.

Just back to an edge, avoid his foot stomp.

Then attack him and push him over.

In the Tower of Ormazd the Warrior attacks you really quickly.

There is no edge here, but there are a lot of towers.

Back him up to one of the towers, push him in to it.

Do this three times, and you will beat him.

In the Queen's Tower a door will open.

Lure the warrior to the open door.

Then push him over the edge.

You have to trap this version of the warrior behind a big gate.

So after the cut scene walk the prince in to the place you want to trap him in.

Wait for the warrior to attack you on the wall there. When he does you will almost have him.

Now hit him with everything you've got to push him back in.

You will push his foot when he tries to stomp you. Just like you did when you pushed him over the edge.

The prince will then run around flipping the release for the gate.

The warrior will be trapped behind the gate, giving you enough time to heal the fertile ground.