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Quantum Conundrum Walkthrough Land of misfit DOLLIs

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Press the button and go down.

Turn on slow and jump over the coming objects to the otherside.

Jump on the stool and then jump up to the to and over the ledge.

Then turn on slow and run to the top and jump over.

Then you put the IDS in.

Turn on slow and run till you align with the ledge, Then you turn on heavy and wait for a safe.

Throw Ride the safe to the otherside.and press the button

Throw Ride the safe and then take another safe.And Throw Ride to the other ledge

Press the button.And Throw Ride over then go through the opening.

Turn on Slow and jump over the lasers to the other side.

Then do the Safe fluffy/heavy spin again.

Then go to the Office.

Go up to the RED wing.