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Red Faction: Guerrilla Walkthrough Industrial Revolution

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When you will get to the Marauders area you will have to keep the proper distance from the vehicle you are following. Look on the mini map. You have to be between the two red circles

After a while you will have to speed up (when you will get to the hologram)

You will find the followed vehicle and some marauders buildings at the end of your journey

Go down and reach the opposite side of the complex. Find a huge hole in the wall #2 and go to the right. Then turn left and go upstairs.

You will find a metal door there and a hangar wall

Use your hammer to destroy them and go further.

Now you will notice a huge building

Destroy the wall to get to the artifact that you have to steal

Go back, but beware of the EDF troops.

Then steal Marauders car and go to the Sam