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Smite Walkthrough Gamemodes

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Just like any other gamemode select your god and lock in.

Once everyone has locked in, you will be able to see the other teams Gods

This is the fountian of arena, the primary goal of Arena is to get the other teams score at 0, you do this by killing other gods, and putting minions in the portal.

The arena map has all the buffs as any other map

This is your portal, you wan't to keep it clear of minions

That is the other teams portal, you wan't to get your minions in there

Conquest, The primary goal is to attack 3 lanes of 2 towers to get to the 3 Phoenixs. Once you take down all towers and Phoenixs you can attack the Titan. You can attack the Titan without destroying all 3 Phoenixs but it will be hard due to it re-gening health.

This is your Titan, defend it at all costs, when you're Titan is dead the game is over and you lose.

This is one of your 3 Phoenixs

And this is one of the six towers

Assault is simple, when you join you get a random god that you play with (You have the optin to re-roll to get another god for a small fee)

Just like Conquest You must take out the towers and get to the Titan and destroy it!

The twist is that once you step off the fountian you can't go back unless you die.

Joust is a 3v3 map that is just like conquest but smaller, it has 1 lane with jungle buffs on both sides of it.

Here is your titan, it is somewhat eaker in Joust

Here you can see both attack points, attack the other teams.

MATCH OF THE DAY Is a diffrent match everyday you will have to read about it on Smite

Conquest Pre-Made is just like Conquest but you must have a full team of 5 to join.

Custom is made for when you just want to have fun with freinds or strangers!

When you create a room you can choose the Team size, Staring level and gold, how many god bans, and the map you want to play on!