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Smite Walkthrough Into the game! Choose your god and lock in

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After everyone elser has locked in you will go to a loading screen. Other players will show up here when playing with others but while going to "Jungle" you are the only one.

When you click "K" you can read up about your ability(s).

"You level up by killing minions, players, camps ECT..

Press 1-4 to use your abilty(s) Most show a highlight of where it will cast while others will activatee upon press of the number key

This is an ulitmate it is super powerful but it has a large cooldown. Ultimate cooldowns range from 50-100 seconds

When at the fountian you can press "I" To buy things in the shop. while in a real game you have to make coins but in Jungle you have a lot of money

Each item has a Tier you can save up to buy the final tier or you can buy each one at a time (Tier levels get cheaper as you buy the last one)