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Welcome to The Sims 3 University Life walkthrough. I've listed some new features in Sims 3 University Life expansion and a few tips/guides for you guys.. :)

New Create-a-Sim Features

New create-a-sim hairstyles

New create-a-sim outfits

New create-a-sim other CAS

New Traits

Avant Garde -- Avant Garde Sims learn Street Art skill at a 15% faster rate & have 5% higher chance at creating a masterpiece mural. They can write Poetry genre (writing level 2) and Satire genre (writing level 4)

Irresistable -- Irresistable Sims improve their relationships faster and are rarely rejected when they ask for favours/dates.

Socially Awkward -- These Sims may have awkward moments when socialising with other Sims but learn Science skill at 15% faster rate.

Additional Trait Slots

Your Sims can unlock 2 more trait slots by excel socially and academically (up to 7 traits total). Social Group Trait is attained by reaching level 8 with the first social group. Repeating these accomplishments gives you an option to replace the trait.

Sims who complete University courses and receive a degree in any major will get an extra Academic Trait. Repeating these accomplishments gives you an option to change the extra trait.

New lifetime wishes

Blog Artist (+34,500 Lifetime Happiness points)

Major Master (+35,000 Lifetime Happiness points)

Perfect Student (+34,500 Lifetime Happiness points)

Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups (+35,000 Lifetime Happiness points)

Scientific Specialist (+34,500 Lifetime Happiness points)

Street Credible (+28,500 Lifetime Happiness points)

New lifetime Rewards

Nerd Influence (cost: 2,000 LP). This reward can be chosen repeatedly.

Jock Influence (cost: 2,000 LP). This reward can be chosen repeatedly.

Rebel Influence (cost: 2,000 LP). This reward can be chosen repeatedly.

Honorary Degree (costs: 50,000 LP). This rewards an honorary University degree (B grade) without attending University. This reward can be chosen repeatedly (max of six)

New Skills

Street Art skill lets Sims make graffiti around town.

The Science skill allows Sims to perform scientific experiments & clone themselves/other Sims and collectible objects.

Social Networking skill allows your Sims to use their smartphones for blogging and manipulate the relationships of other Sims around them.

Photography skill allows your Sim to photograph landmarks and places, take photographs of various events, objects and other Sims.

New Social Group

The Nerds like to be smart, love comic books and Science.

The Rebels like to stand apart from the crowd, love herbs and they are known for organizing protests.

The Jocks are socialites, like to win in anything and love throwing parties.

New Career

Video Game Developer -- unlocked by reaching max level with the Nerd Social Group. At level 4 your Sims can choose between Game Artist and Engineer.

Art Appraiser -- unlocked by reaching max level with the Rebel Social Group. At level 6 your Sims can choose between Appraiser and Counterfeiter.

Sports Agent -- unlocked by reaching max level with the Jock Social Group.

New Social Interactions

Romantic > Heat of the Moment Kiss -- This interaction is available to all Sims. Sims who accept this kiss will instantly become romantic interests.

Romantic > Kiss and Make Up -- When your Sims use the mean socials or make other Sims offence, they are able to let bygones be bygones by using this new friendly interaction.

Romantic > Rebound Kiss -- Only available to Sims who have the "Betrayed" or "Broken Heart" moodlets. Receiving Sims will become creeped out.

Romantic > Cinnamon Kiss/Woohoo -- Only available to Sims who eat Cinnamon infused meals/beverages.

Romantic > Blow a Kiss -- Only available to Sims with the "Irresistible" trait.

Romantic > Wink -- Only available to Sims with the "Irresistible" trait.

Friendly > Juiced Social Interactions -- Available if both Sims have the "A Bit Juiced" or "Super Juiced" moodlet.

Friendly > Farewell Hug -- Only available when other Sims prepared for University by taking the aptitude test or enrolling in University.

Woohooty Text -- Sims who are in a romantic relationship can send a "Woohooty Text" to other Sims on another lot. If the receiving Sims accepts, they will come to your home and woohoo with your Sim.

Take Friendly/Romantic Photo Together -- This option is only available to Sims who at least level 2 with the Jock social groups.

New Woohoo Spot

Photo Booth Woohoo -- Sims who are in a romantic relationship can woohoo and try for baby in the photo booth.

Murphy Bed Woohoo -- New interactive object that Sims can woohoo on.

New Party Types

Juice Kegger (Requires Level 2 Jock Skill)

Bonfire Party (Requires Level 4 Jock Skill)


This smartphone comes with a variety of new skins to apply, which are unlocked as the skill level grows. Sims can send texts, blogging, use social apps, study or even make exam cheat sheet from their cell phones.

New Death

Death by Blunt Force Trauma (Murphy Bed) -- When pulling down the bed from its upright position, thereís a chance it may crush your Sims to death.

Death by Blunt Force Trauma (Vending Machine) -- There is a possibility the vending machine will tumbling over your Sim to death when using the "Shake" interaction.

Death by Ranting (Protest Against Death) -- The Grim Reaper only warns your Sims during his first visit. Your Sims will receive the "There and Back Again" moodlet. Ignore the warning causing death.

New Lot Type

Apartment Lot type (only available for non-occupied homes only)


Your Sims will have roommates automatically by staying at one of the dorms (University) /apartment (home world).

To enable roommate at your home -- use smartphone (under "Real Estate and Travel Services") or ask other Sims "to Be Roommate" (high relationship)

Getting to University: Aptitude Test-Enrolment

When you start a new game with University Life or your teen Sims aged up to young adults, a Mascot will arrive and leave a welcome kit. You also can purchase this kit in Buy Mode > Sort by Function > Entertainment > Misc Entertainment Item.

With this kit you can get University Freebies, Summon Mascot or even take the Aptitude Test.

Once your Sims build a high enough relationship with the Mascot, you can ask for "Mascot Training".

With mascot abilities your Sims had unlock Llama or Gnome suits and are able to perform backflips, do the "Running Man" & do the "Mascot Style" dance.

Aptitude Test will determine your Sims' Scholarship money and starting credits for the Majors. This test is an optional, and you can retake this test until you satisfied with the results (only available in home world).

The results depend on your Sims skills, traits, work experiences and school grades. Full Scholarship can be earn for 1800 points and above, Partial Scholarship for above 1200 points and no scholarship awarded for score that below 1200 points.

Enrolling in university can be done at any time via the phone/computer or apply via community school. Only young adult and older Sims can enrolling university.

Your Sims may only study one major at a time (6 majors total). They can't change their major in the middle of the term but they can enroll in university again after completing one term in order to study another.

University Life: Arriving

Once enter the University sub-neighbourhood, Sims canít visit family and friends in their home town, but they may talk on the phone/texting instead. Sims can't marry or be pregnant while at the University.

You can choose place for your Sims to stay for the term -- dorm, fraternity (male only), sorority (female only) or rent a house.

If your Sims staying in a Sorority/Fraternity/Dorm, you should claim your bed and choose door lock options to keep other Sims out of your room. Sims can kick out their roommates or request for roommate reassignments (only in University).

Your Sims can apply for Day Jobs, Social Group Jobs, and Dares from job board which is only located at Sororities/Fraternities/Dorms.

At noon, a "University Meet & Greet" orientation is held at the Student Union. Your Sims can get info about curriculum, get free items & meet new Sims.

Sims will receive a study object which helps them to improve their academic performance. This study object may be vary depends on the selected major.

University Life: Academic Performance

Class schedule concists of Seminar Classes, Lectures, Class Activities, and Exams. This class schedule is different according to terms taken/major chosen.

All degrees share a set of standard responsibilities: Attending Classes, Lectures, Study and Class Activities are all important ways to gain academic performance.

Seminar-styled classes are held on one of the university rabbit-hole buildings. While in class you can choose the amount of effort to put into it -- Normal Effort, Work Hard, Suck Up, Take it Easy, Socialize, Sleep or Text Friends.

During lectures your Sims can Attend Lecture, Take Notes, Sleep or interact with the professor by "Ask Question".

Raising skills associated with your Major or utilizing the study object given will give your Sims academic performance boost.

Build enough relationship and be friends with the Professor so that your Sims can successfully ask for an Extra Credit which might be handy at the end of term.

Your Sims can study from the computer, smartphone or textbook given when they arrived. Forming a Study Group will enhance the relationship with the group members.

Sims are allowed to skip classes for at maximum two days, more frequent occurrences result in punishment. Your Sims can also ask other Sims go to class/take exam for you with a risk of getting caught.

Examinations will occur on Fridays. If your Sims wanna take the easy route -- just create a cheat sheet for the exam from textbook or smartphone/laptop.

Sims with a high computer hacking skill can find exam answers on their laptop on the day before the examination.

Sims can ask other Sims for "Ask for exam answers" but they might refuse to give the answers due to the Good trait or not enough relationship.

During the examination, your Sims can choose to "Cheat on Exam" or even "Beg Professor for a Good Score" if your Sims be friends with the Professor.

If your Sims got caught for cheating, they can be kicked out of the class, and they can lose their scholarship.

To clear your Sims' names, just go to the Administration Center and choose "Clear Your Name" option. This will trigger an opportunity to remove Caught Cheating moodlet and clear your Sims' reputation.

University Life: Graduation

Graduations happen after Sims complete their degree. Different Sims graduate at different times, depending on their major and when they start attending University.

Your Sims can invite their friends (including NPC) the day before to the graduation ceremony.

Completing a degree will earn your Sims an extra academic trait slot. Higher the grades the better the career benefits. Sims with an "A" grade will start their career at level 4, "B" grade at level 3, and "C" grade at level 2.

Street Art

Practicing this skill will influence your Sims' level with the Rebels. With a Street Art Kit, they can create art on the walls or ground. An Avant Garde Sim will acquire this kit in their inventory.

While tagging a wall or creating a mural, your Sims might be "Being Watch" and will be fine a $1,000 if they get arrested.

This skill can be learned by using the Street Art Kit, using whiteboards, reading a Street Art Skill Book and attending Street Art Classes.


Having the Science skill will boost job performance in the Science and Medical careers. Your Sims will naturally gain standing with the Nerd social group.

This skill can be increased by using the Science Research Station, working on the Group Science Project, reading a Science Skill book, attending Science Classes at University, analyzing collectibles, or by using scientific socials with others.

Social Networking

Building Social Networking Skill has plenty of benefits, including unlock new phone skins and special apps on their smartphone. This skill is required in Sports Agent career.

The Social Networking Skill can be learned by using all the options available under smartphone tab. ("Ask Followers for Help with Academics" only can be used in University sub-neighborhood) Classes and skill books are also available.

Blog App -- Sims can create and manage Personal Blogs (level 1), Review Blogs (level 3), and News Blogs (level 5).

If your Sims got nothing to say.. just take a photograph and capture the moments! Using this feature may gain your photography skill as well.

Photos taken will automatically be posted. Instead of gaining followers, it will gain "likes" from the followers. Your Sims can add captions to your photos if you wish.

Too much blogging will causing your Sims get a "Blogged Out" moodlet. Stop blogging for a awhile because any posts you make while blogged out will result in loss of followers.

Sim Finder App -- Unlock at level 4 Social Networking, this app helps Sims to look for someone with specific criteria. Your Sims may leave it with "Surprise Me" option for a random criteria Sim.

Relationship Transmorgifier App -- (unlock at level 7) This app allows your Sims to change their own relationships with other Sim, or a Sim's with another. Only teenagers and older will be available on the list.


This skill enable your Sims to use "Black & White" filter (level 2), "Sepia" filter (level 4) using camera zoom (level 8), "Vignette" filter (level 9) and "Take Panorama photos" (max level)

Learn from Photograph Skill Book only gets you up to level 3. Your Sims need to take a lot of photographs to gain skill to the max level. High skill photographers tend to reduce making errors when taking pictures.


Nerds usually hang out at Keith's Komics in Sims University.

Hanging out with other Nerds and working on the Science skill are great ways to get in with the Nerds.

Sims who "Throw Test Tube" into Bonfire will gain Nerd influence. Throwing the test tube may causing a mood boost or gives a negative effect!

Amateur Gamer (level 2) can "Play Online on Game Consoles".

Trivia Guru (level 4) can "Hold Trivia Challenges vs Other Sims" and get a moodlet if your Sims win/loose.

Sci-fi Fan (level 6) can use "Mind Meld" interaction. This interaction will boost your Sims relationships with others and learn their traits.

Nerd Elite (level 8) will get an additional Social Group Trait. Reaching level 8 with other groups will only gives you an option to replace the existing bonus trait.

Game Master (max level within the Nerds) will unlock the Game Development Career (split into two branches at level 4).


Rebel usually hang out at The Grotto in Sims University.

Work on your Sims Painting and Street Art skills, use Megaphone, eat herbs and drink organic brew from barista bars; will eventually gain your Rebel social group influence.

Using "Spice it Up" option during Bonfire will increase your Rebel influence. These herbs have special/different effects on your Sims!

Line Crosser (level 2)) will receive the Street Art Kit and a Megaphone for free. Your Sim can also steal exam answers (either ask the answer from the other Sims or look for exam answer from the computer) and sell them.

Free Thinker (Level 4)) can use the Megaphone to organize a Hunger Strike protest, and use the podium to ask "What is Wrong with the World?". It also become easier to get away with "Cheating on Exams".

Agitator (Level 6) can use "Show off New Gizmo" interaction, organize "Rowdy Protest", and unlock new "Rebel" smartphone skin.

Maverick (level 8) will get an additional Social Group Trait. Reaching level 8 with other groups will only gives you an option to replace the existing bonus trait.

Trendsetter (max level within Rebels) will unlock the Art Appraiser Career (split into two branches at level 6).


Jocks usually hang out at B's Bowlarama in Sims University.

Jocks thrive on sports and parties. Play bowling, perform the school cheer, and do the keg stands; are just some of the ways to raise Jock influence.

"Watch", "Poke" or "Add Wood" into Bonfire simply raise your Jock influence.

Wannabe (level 2) can do the School Cheer and throw Juice Kegger Parties!

Wingman (level 4) can host Bonfire Parties and take "Self Portraits".

Popular (level 6) unlock host "Parties for Charity" option (by opportunity only). Check for Social group job to trigger this opportunity.

Debutante (level 8) will get an additional Social Group Trait. Reaching level 8 with other groups will only gives you an option to replace the existing bonus trait.

Big Sim on Campus (max level within Jock Social group) will unlock the Sports Agent Career.


PlantSims can't be create through Create-A-Sim, but you may change your PlantSims appearence from the mirror.

PlantSims have the same life stages as normal Sims (only teens and older Sims can become PlantSims) but they don't have Hunger and Bladder motives.

Sims can become PlantSims by eating a Forbidden Fruit or take part in a science experiment at University (20% chance). Affected Sim will receive a "Botanitis Minorous" moodlet. If the moodlet is not cured within 4 hours, your Sim will become a PlantSim.

Getting Forbidden Fruit -- Search for seeds all over the town (including University neighbourhood). But it is really hard to find Unknown Rare/Unknown Special Seed.

Getting Forbidden Fruit -- PlantSims can't get pregnant or make normal female Sims pregnant (for male PlantSims). Successfully "Try for Baby" with PlantSims will result in having a Forbidden Fruit Seed in female Sims' inventory.

Getting Forbidden Fruit -- Transform any seed into a Forbidden Fruit Seed using the Gene Splicing Experiment This experiment don't always result in the forbidden fruit; however, Sims with level 3 and higher Science Skill have a better chance of success.

Getting Forbidden Fruit -- Obtained by using "Clone from Sample" (need level 9 Science skill). You can use either sample of Forbidden Fruit of PlantSims' DNA.

Forbidden Fruit -- Your Sims must have at least level 7 Gardening Skill in order to plant this fruit. It will take 4 days for the fruit to fully bloom. Forbidden Fruit plant must be harvested within a day or it will become barren.

Forbidden Fruit -- "Tend Garden" will harvest the fruit and store it in your Sims' inventory. A Forbidden Fruit plant only produces one fruit (or baby), and becomes barren after being harvested.

PlantSims Baby -- "Pick Forbidden Fruit" has a 50% chance of producing a PlantSim baby. The baby produced is a clone of the Sim who picks it.

PlantSims Baby -- Gender of your PlantSims baby will be random. Sims who pick the PlantSims baby will automatically adopt the child.

Special Abilities -- PlantSims can "Photosynthesize", which allows them to burrow under the ground to absorb energy and water. This action only available during daytime and lasts for an hour.

Special Abilities -- PlantSims are able to commune with plants which have reached their first sprout. PlantSims are also better gardeners than normal Sims.

Special Abilities -- Sims can ask PlantSims to give them herbs. If the request granted, the herbs will appear in your Sims' inventory.

Special Kisses -- PlantSims can give Flower Kiss to other Sims. Receiving Sims will get the "Obsessed" moodlet for 8 hours.

Special Kisses -- PlantSims can give their enemies a poisonous kiss. This interaction available under Specials > PlantSims > Poison Kiss. Receiving Sims will be plagued with a 3 hour long skin discoloration, and a "Poisoned" moodlet.

Cure -- There are a few ways to cure PlantSims. You can cure your Sims Botanitis Minorous at the Science Facility/College of Science for $3000 simoleon.

Cure -- Another option is by using "Super Spice" (can be created by do the "Herb Experiment" via the Science Research station).

Herbs Effects

Basil -- Increases performance by 5% and opportunity reward by 10%

Bumbleleaf -- Makes Sims immune to fire and won't get caught cheating in exam or tagging walls.

Buzzberry -- Gain Athletic Skill 15% faster.

Chamomile -- Makes your Sims social; helps with social groups

Cinnamon -- Put your Sims in a romantic mood, boost the success of romantic socials

Ginseng -- Gives Sims a buzz so they will not crash when energy is low.

Greenleaf -- Helps your Sims to lose weight 20% faster.

Lavender -- Regenerates energy 10% faster when sleeping, reduce energy drop rate.

Licorice -- Makes hunger motive decay 30% slower.

Peppermint -- Tastes great, low chance of nausea.

Sweetgrass -- Gets rid of Buzz Crash and Nausea

Wonderpetal -- Makes Sims study 10% faster, increases University performance.

"Them Bones" Anatomy Skeleton

Received by Science/Medicine and Physical Education majors, this object helps raise your Sims Science Skill and gain Nerd influence.

Workforce Warrior Business Planner

The Business Planner is a new interactive object that helps advance the academic performance of Business Majors. Sims who enroll in the Business major will receive this study object to advance their studies.

Brain Enhancing Machine

Brain Enhancing Machine 1.0: Sims with Technology major will receive this machine as a study object to improve their academic performance as well as gaining Nerd influence.

Find Test Subject > Observe Brain Enhancement -- Gives the receiving Sim a skill level boost.

Study Brain -- This interaction increase your Sims' Logic skill.

Brain Enhancement -- Improved your Sims' selected skill.

Brain Enhancing Machine 2.0: Has a lot more options. Handy Sims can upgrade Brain Enhancing Machine 1.0 to level 2 but even then it doesn't have all of the same options.

Find Test Subject 2.0 > Observe Brain Enhancement -- Able to observe brain enhancement with the exclusive 2.0 options on the Test Subjects.

Personality Programming -- Allows Sims to change their Traits & Full Name. Your Sims will get "New Identity" moodlet that last for a Sims day.

Genius IQ -- Sims will receive a "Brain Boost" moodlet for 12 hours. Make Sims study 50% faster.

Remote Viewing of Specific Sim -- Learn the personality of spesific Sims (traits, relationship status, etc).

Remote Viewing of Random Sim -- Learn the personality of random Sims (traits, relationship status, etc).

Mobile Radio Station

Sims with Communication major will receive this machine as a study object to improve their academic performance as well as raising their Charisma Skill.

Group Science Project

Allow multiple Sims to work on the controls. These experiments gives Sims (teens and older) various moodlets and abilities.

Study the Red Pad Tie Node -- May encourage Streaking among those affected.

Adjust the Blue Magnatomic Pulse Array -- Everyone nearby is knocked out and gets the Power Nap moodlet for 3h. After 3 hours all motives are filled up.

Interface with the Green Mind Melder Module -- Gives all nearby Sims the Hive Mind moodlet for 6h, which increases skill gains.

All Three Activated -- Causing meteor shower of collectibles and loot. Can do it with a single Sim. Watch the light bars on the side, gradually fill with a light to one third of the machine and repeat with the other two.

The meteor shower looks like a lot of floating bubbles and will change form once they touch the ground.

Salutary Speaker's Podium

"Announce Protest" using this podium not only raise your Sims Rebel social group influence but also improve Charisma skill.

There are numerous topics to protest, with different difficulty from easy to hard.

Sims with a low level Rebel social group influence should most definitely hand out flyers to increase attendance and help boost the turnout.

Using "Rile the Crowd", "Lead a Chant", and "Give Impassioned Speech" interactions will help keep protesters going/attract more Sims to the event. If the momentum fails during a protest, the police will come and break it up.

If the momentum stays steady and the protest organized is successful, all the protesters will gather to celebrate!

Science Research Station

Gene Splicing Experiment Epic Success -- Discover Forbidden Fruit seed, which can be planted to get a PlantSim baby (home world only). This experiment attempt to mix a seed with Sim's DNA.

Horticulture Experiment Epic Success -- Transformed vegetables/fruits into a perfect Empanada (food).

Herb Experiment Epic Success -- Transmute herb into a Bottle of Super Spice (can be used to cure PlantSims and can be added to meal to increase food quality).

Radiation Experiment Epic Success -- Transform insect into a Plasma Bug (very expensive bug)

Cloning Sims from Scientific Sample (required level 9) at the Science Research Station will only be successful at home world only.


Sims who enroll in the Fine Arts major will receive this item for free. Either practicing "Sketching", "Nude Sketch" or paint "Still Life" it's all improving your Sims' painting skill.


Make a Chart -- Gain Jock influence and improve Social Networking Skill.

Draw a Diagram -- Increase study performance

Design Sports Play -- Gain Jock influence and improve Athletic Skill.

Outline an Idea -- Raises the Charisma Skill.

Solve Equation -- Gain Nerd influence and improve Logic Skill

Create Concept Art -- Raises the Street Art Skill


University only -- Sims can get extra funds at the Administration Center depending on their academic performance in every 24 hours.

University only -- Your Sims can get a free car if staying at the Dorms. Choose any clickable car at the parking lot and set it as your Sims preferred. Drag it into your Sims' inventory to keep the car as your own (can bring it home) :)

Tired of sharing toilet with your roomates?? Just lock the nearest toilet door or specify who can use the toilet! :)

Wanna earn extra simoleon? Donate Plasma Bug to Science Facility/College of Science. Selling from inventory only cost up to $4,600 for the highest quality. They even pay you extra for the great science discoveries. :)