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Welcome to the best episodic video game, Walking Dead Season 2. Packed with even more interesting story and lots of walkers.. Here's the guide of the game. Click next page to continue.

If you havent played Walking Dead Season 1, please do so because you'll miss a lot of the story. This game will automatically detect your season 1 saved game and continue from it.

Chapter 1 - Old Friends

The last season shows that Clementine was seperated from Lee. Then, Clem found Omid and Crista and continue their journey together. This chapter only to show the continuation of the story.

After the short conversation, they will ask about the baby's name. You can just reply anything.

Here, you have to check every door to proceed to the next scene.

Use the sink.

Take out your bottle and use it.

Your bottle accidently dropped and it go to the last stall.

Take your bottle.

Enemy spotted! Well, say anything you like. :)

Have a conversation with her until Omid come.

Rest in peace Omid... [END OF CHAPTER 1]

Chapter 2 - 16 Months Later

This chapter starts with Clementine having conversation with Crista.

Keep talking until she leaves.

Now, to light the campfire, take three items from the bag.

The last item will be a lighter.

Go at the campire and light it up.

The flames too low? Dont worry.

Just select at the camp fire and add fuel.

Now, pick which thing you want to burn.

Crista has been attacked. Do what you have to do now! [END OF CHAPTER 2]

Chapter 3 - The Scavenger

This chapter show how Clementine escape from the bad guy.

You have to respond quick to the action shown on the screen.

Also, there will be walkers nearby.

During this time, throw the rock at any nearby walkers.

This chapter ends when Clementine fell off from the cliff. [END OF CHAPTER 3]

Chapter 4 - Alone

Luckily Clementine still alive. Keep going straight until the end of the road.

Climb up the broken stairs.

Keep moving straight to the trail in front.

Climb over and move on.

A dog appeared! Maybe this is your new pet? Well, you'll know more in the next chapter. [END OF CHAPTER 4]

Chapter 5 - Abandoned Camp

Your current task is search all objects in this area. Starts from right to left.

Right after you searched in this area, Sam will starts to bark. Go to him and you'll see a walker tied to a tree.

First thing to do, take the big branch on the ground.

Then, break the walker's skull. Repeat until he finally stop moving.

Take the knife. Clem knows what to do.

Food! :)

You should not be nice to all, especially a dog that you just met.

Hmm.. Good bye Sam. [END OF CHAPTER 5]

Chapter 6 - Finding Food

Clementine keep going even she's hurt very badly. More worse, there're walkers nearby.

Luckily she was saved by a group of people.

They will start asking you.

But they didn't believe that you've been bit by a dog.

Whatever you select, this man will believe in you.

This chapter ends when Clementine pass out. [END OF CHATPER 6]

Chapter 7 - New Faces

Clementine wakes up while surrounded by those people. They still arguing about your injury whether it is caused by a dog or walker.

Keep talking with them.

Doesnt matter which one, they will locked you up in the shed.

Begging also is not an option. They won't let you go.

To get out from here, firstly, look at the tackle box on the ground.

Clem will move the box. At the board, it looks like you can take it out. Try both action but you wont able to do it.

Then, head back to the table. Unfold it.

Climb on the table.

Take the hammer on the shelf.

After Clem fell off, move the shelf.

Take the hammer on the ground.

Use it to make a way out from here.

It's time to escape! [END OF CHAPTER 7]

Chapter 8 - Getting Supplies

Go to the house and keep going to the right around the house.

Until you find the plywood over there.

Pull the plywood.

Use the knife to open the door.

When inside, go upstairs.

Enter the first door on your right.

You'll met a weird girl. She will help you.

Then go to the opposite room.

Search the medicine closet.

Take the needle.

Then, inspect every object inside this bathroom before you can leave.

Just before you want to open the door, someone is going to enter the bathroom. Quick hide behind the shower curtain.

Wait until she exit and you should follow too.

Enter another room.

Check every object before you leaves this room.

Bandange is on the table.

Dont be a thief.

Get our from the room and go back downstairs.

Then, exit through this door.

Chapter 9 - Back In The Shed

You have all the required items. So, let's get started.

First, clean your injury using the peroxide.

Take the needle.

Begin the operation. Ouch!! Repeat until she finished closed her open wound. :o

Just be careful not to kill yourself.

Use nearby brick to smash his hand.

Take the rake and fight!

Finish him with the hammer on the table.

Answer the question to end this chapter. [END OF CHAPTER 9]

Chapter 10 - Later That Night

Finally, Clem received a better treatment. But they are really bunch of weirdos.

The conversation only chapter, where you just sit back and choose the words.

Keep talking and enjoy the talk. :P

This woman hates Clem from the start. Reply to her to end this chapter. [END OF CHAPTER 10]

Chapter 11 - The Killing Fields

The first in the morning, they talk about what happen last night with Rebecca (woman that hates Clem).

Keep going until they reached at the river.

Now, talk to each person and inspect every objects.

After that, the sandbar at the far left can be viewed. Click it to move on to the next scene.

Then, check the body lying on the ground.

Do what you have to do.. ;)

Important choice, select which one you prefer. One of them will die (Pete) or run away into the woods (Nick), so decide who you wants to save.

Screenshot of saving Pete. [END OF CHAPTER 11]