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The Wheelman Walkthrough Mission 10: Stand and Deliver

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Listen to the conversations going on between you and paulo.

Paulo wants you to speak with a rogue information broker.

So get to port vell to find the broker.

Well the broker is in his limo you need to hijack it.

Follow the limo inorder to airjack the limo.

Shoot at the enemies in the car behind limo.

Use aimed shot to kill the enemies present in the limo since the car is bullet proof.

Use aimed shot exactly at the marked spot to blow up the car.

Use aimed shot to take out another car.

Later on you need to kill the enemies present in the limo.

After having limo take the broker back to his mansion.

At the mansion you find thugs working for broker you need to take care of them by killing before paulo arrives.

You can even take cover behind the car.

Finally paulo speaks to you.

Later you need to drive paulo back to his casino.

On reaching the casino park the car at the marked spot.

Now you need to get back to the mansion.

You can see the ambulance leaving the mansion.

You need to stop the ambulance before it reaches to the clinic.

Using aimed shot you need to take out all the tyres of the ambulance.

Finally you stop the ambulance and broker speaks to you about the information.

Mission is accomplished.