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The Wheelman Walkthrough Mission 8: Finding Family

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Listen to the conversations going on at the scene.

You need to follow the instructions given by che to rescue miguel.

Get on the bike present ahead of you.

Follow the bikes going on infront of you.

In the end you reach here and you need to bring back miguel from the rival gang down in the subway.

You need to get to the end of the station to reach miguel.

You find enemies on the way.So you kill them using your weapon.

Make your way through the enemies present there.

Climb the stairs and kill the enemies present there to reach miguel.

Now you need to escape the tunnel with miguel.

Make your way by killing all the enemies present on your way back.

Later on you need to lead miguel out of the subway.

You can shoot all the enemies using aimed or cyclone shot.

Jump through the ramp to get out of the subway.

Once you are out of the subway you need to follow miguel to the club.

Shoot at the enemies on your way to club using the weapon you got.

Finally listen to the conversations between stavo and you on reaching the club.

Mission is accomplished.