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The Wheelman Walkthrough Mission 5: Interviewing Felipe

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You scare the hell out of felipe by driving the car recklessely.

Then felipe tries to escape through the roof but you need to drive faster.

Driving fast ,drifting, smashing stuff can increase the fear in felipe.

However in the end felipe tells everything to you.

But the police get hold of you.You need to lose the police.

After losing the police get to the location shown on the map.

You park the car here and wait out.

Listen to the conversations between felipe and you.

Here you need to catch the dealers who are on the run.

Once you are near remain on the left of the enemy so that felipe could shoot the dealers.

Once the car is taken out then you need to take out the sedan.

So follow the sedan to the end of the road and kill it.

Finally you need to take the van.

Get near to the van so that felipe can shoot the tyres to take it down.

Get near to it by by boosting the vehicle by pressing HOME button.

Later you need to take out the gunmen at the end of the van.

After taking the gunmen you need to take the driver down.

The van is destroyed in the end.

Later on listen to the caller on phone and felipe.

Now you need to take felipe to the final dealer shown on the map.

Park the car at the marked spot.

Then felipe kills the dealer and then flees from there.

Mission is accomplished.