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The Wheelman Walkthrough Mission 1: Frantic

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You are in car and now you need to just drive straight.

Look out for the cop cars and the roadblocks ahead.

You can use millee attacks using left and right arrows.

Follow the direction provided by lumi.

Just drive through the ramp shown ahead.

Go as fast as possible to make the jump.

Now follow the directions to get into the alley ahead of your way.

However your way is blocked by police van.Drive backwards.

Drive through the entrance door ahead of you.

Finally you jump into the place with glasses.

In the end you need to head to the car park to pick lumi car.

Stop the car at the marked spot.

Get to the car available in the end.

The car explodes and you need to escape.

You get into another car and then drive away.

You need to take lumi to the safehouse shown on the map.

Stop the car at the marked spot.

Listen to the conversations.

Finally the mission is accomplished.