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The Wheelman Walkthrough Mission 15: Pick of Destiny

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You need to get the document before the Romanians and canallas.

Shoot at all the enemies present there and make you way to the tube.

You need to take the ramp to get to the top.

Kill the enemies present on the other side uisng the weapon you got.

Get to the marked spot to collect the document.

All of a sudden sorin appears and takes the document.

You need to defeat soring to get the document.

Kill the enemies getting out of the car.

Take the car and go in opposite direction of sorin to cause damage to sori vehicle.

You can use aimed shot to kill the enemies in the car around sorin car.

You can even use cyclone shot to shoot the enemies and take sorin down before the time runs out.

Sorins vehicle is bulletproof so you need to take sorin down using meele attacks.

However in the end sorin is defeated by you.

But che takes the document and escapes on a bike.

Now that che has escaped you need to recover the documents.

Take the ride and follow che shown on the map.

Shoot at all the enemies coming your way.

You finally enter a station and you need to follow to the end.

However he stops at a station and you need to take the enemies present there.

Make sure you kill everybody present there.

Then che escapes in the train.

You need to follow the train on the bike present at the end of the stairs.

You need to shoot the links between carriages to get to che.

Finally when you have broken all the links you can get to the front and take down che.

Use cyclone shot to take down che using the gun.

Then you collect the document and get the hell out of there.

Mission is accomplished.