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The Wheelman Walkthrough Mission 14: Letting off Steam

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You hear to the conversation.

You need to teach a lesson to the newspaper company for refusing to pay money to Romanians.

Get into the ride and start destroying the property of the newspaper.

You need to destroy the marked objects throught out the road shown on the map.

Make sure you take care of the enemies following you.

Now you need to destroy the vans of company to cause additional damage.

You can shoot at the van through the aimed shot at the van.

Next you need to get into a van and head tto the office.

You need to airjack into the van and reach the office.

The office is shown on the map.

On reaching you need to park at the marked spot.

On getting inside you need to drive to editors office smashing.

The editors office is the marked spot shown on the map.

Once you destroy the office you jump out of the office in the van.

Mission is accomplished.