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Toki Tori Walkthrough Bubble Barrage - Level 4

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This is Bubble Barrage, Level 4. You have 5 eggs to collect. The items available to you are 1 Bridge, 1 Telewarp, 1 Instant Rock, and 1 Freeze-O-Matic.

Drop down the right ledge onto egg #1.

Go to the left side of this platform and drop an Instant Rock leftward.

Climb up the ladder and go to the left side of the platform. Drop between the fish when possible.

Then quickly go down the ladder you land on.

When possible, go up the ladder to the right and grab egg #2.

Go back down the ladder. Wait for the first fish to get on the spikes, then shoot it with your Freeze-O-Matic. This should prevent the second fish from continuing that direction.

Drop off to the left and grab egg #3.

Head over to the right ledge and build a Bridge there.

Get on the bridge and use a Telewarp to the right, landing on the rock you made earlier.

Drop off the right ledge and head over to your left.

Climb the left ladder and grab egg #4.

Go back down the ladder and drop off the far-right ledge, collecting egg #5.