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Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Phantoms Walkthrough Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms - Class selection

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This is the main shop screen. You can purchase weapons, upgrades, and armor to gain advantage over your enemies on the battlefield.

At the end of every match, you can look at the results, and stats of you and your team.

When you level up, you might get special items to support you on the battlefield.

Yay! Looks like our team won this round!

Your teammates show up with colored wireframes so you can easily locate them during battle.

When you're killed by your enemy, this screen pops up and you can change your weapon loadout and look at the damage you've taken and dealt to your foes

Your enemies show up with a faint red box around them, allowing you to distinguish friends between your foes.

Press the R key to reload.

Click your primary mouse click, also known as left click, to fire your weapon!

When you are under attack, it's best to enter cover mode, since it slowly recharges your health as you fight.

Click your secondary click button, standardly right click, to see through your weapon's scope.

As you can see when you're in cover mode, you get extra perks such as better control, more accuracy, and increased weapon stability.

Press Spacebar when you're near a wall or coverable material to go down to cover.

Press Shift to run! (for some reason, you can run for a infinite duration.)

Press control or ctrl to go to prone. (there's no crouching in this game.)