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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Scourge Campaign: Chapter 1

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The first scourge mission. Your main quest is to destroy human camps while prevent any humans from escaping.

You have massive amount of resources for all team. To raid human camps, just bring this hero and few abdominations is enough. Other units keep defending.

When the fat abdomination turns to red HP, just heal him with your first spell. Easy and saves your time.

Use the same method to other camps as well. Bring more abdomination if it's hard for you.

The middle camp is strong. You need help at least from the blue team.

For blue team, just do like normal. Bring your forces to attack the human camps.

Your team and blue team can wipe this middle area.

Continue to find and destroy human camps. Both team combined will be much more stronger.

Together we stronger. Strike the human with the power of undead. :D