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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Alliance Campaign: Chapter 6

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The last mission for this campaign. You start with this new hero. It has invisibility ability that can be useful to sneak into the enemy base.

Sneak into the enemy base and destroy this generator.

Take any gold coins you found. You can only gain gold by doing this.

Another generator that you should destroy.

When both generators were gone, start attacking the enemy base.

When the left side was cleared, then start attacking the right side of the enemy base.

It is quite hard to clear all the enemy here. If you you can't keep it up, then just straight to the platform that connect the bridge from the left side.

Now the other group can join your the nage forces. :D

Before attacking the last enemy base, you should destroy the third generator.

Send out what you have, this is the final battle! :D

The base cleared? Then, proceed to destroy the last generator before going to the boss room.

This monster is very strong. Tips, bring the boss to this door while your units near the fountain of health. So you can fight forever without getting killed. ;)