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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Alliance Campaign: Chapter 3

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The mission starts only with two controllable hero and both of them must stay alive. The main quest is to save his allies locked in prison.

The first Lieutenant, free him so he can help you in fights.

This Defend technique is very useful in fights, just click it right away before the battle start.

To get the stone token, you have to use the explosive spell to the mushrooms that block the way.

The old white spirit can be attacked, you have to come closer to him before the cursor changes to red.

When you killed that spirit, optional quest will be unlocked. Now you have to find three more to complete the quest.

At this area, you can free another Lieutanent and kill the second old spirit.

The yellow rune. The second one located at (*refer next picture) ...

Here! Very tricky one. :D

Again, unlock this rune to kill another old spirit.

The red rune. To get another one, you have to enter cave.

See that the cave near the mouse cursor. Move any unit in front of the cave and it will be teleported to new location.

The cyan rune. Another one is located after the mining area.

Burn this mushrooms, this is where the second cyan rune located.

To open the door, follow this steps. Go to top, bottom and middle platform in order. It will unlock the door and let you play secret level after completing this mission.

The last fight. Killed any enemy in your way. Going through the door will end this mission.