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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Alliance Campaign: Chapter 2

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The mission started like this where your four bases will be destroyed by the enemy units.

If you try to defend one of your base, even you killed all the enemy there still your base will be destroyed automatically. So lets try another way.

This way, you have to train about 3-4 workers at this base. Then, command your workers to start mining as fast as possible. Just put the out path of the workers straight to the mine.

Do the same like before here.

When the enemy units arrived, don't just stay there. Command your workers and other units to run away from them.

A good place to hide. :P

When all your base at top and bottom destroyed, you will get your units back, right here at your main base. Plus, see your gold. From 500 to 2k! Awesome!! :D

Now train few more units for attacking the enemy base. You have to attack because you don't have any gold resource.

With 2k gold, you can build armies as big like in the picture above :D You can easily clear the first enemy base at the top.

Break those crates if you wants additional gold.

Build some defenses at both of your base and units to hold the base.

By using the same units you raid the enemy before plus additional units you trained, command them to attack the next enemy base.

Second base cleared, now train some more units for start attacking the next enemy base.

If you can handle the enemy, most of them strong especially Abdomination (the big fat zombie butcher) then do like this. :P

Keep attacking the enemy until you cleared this area. Once the green team wiped from the map, your mission will end.