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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Alliance Campaign: Chapter 1

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This is how you started. The quest is easy, repair all three Observatories.

Just explore the area to find the other two Observatories.

Don't worry about the HP, you got two healers as long they have mana to heal others.

You will be given optional quest here. The places are shown on the minimap. Just go there and complete your optional if you wants.

The green rock is strong. Don't waste your time and life here. Slain that thing when you have stronger and more units. For now, leave him alone.

As you can see in the minimap, the second Obsevatory is on the other island. You can get here by using the transport ship.

Build your base here. Gain more resource to buy new units and upgrades.

Continue your main quest. It shouldn't be hard.

You can easily beat the enemies on the third island. Nothing can stop you now.

Command your worker to repair the last Observatory. When finished, the mission ends. [END OF CHAPTER 1]