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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Sentinels Campaign: Chapter 6

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This is where you start. The quest is easy, just protect the Caravan.

Don't let other units take damage, just your hero and few melee units because healing few units doesn't drain so much the mana of the bear. ;-) Remember to leave few units behind to protect the caravan.

This gold circle actually activates your optional quest. If you like, proceed with it. Don't worry it is just a simple quest.

Another place that have gold circle nearby. You can actually raid the enemy base only by Maiev alone and her spells.

Got enough resource? Buy some more units.

So.. What to choose? Just pick the right path. Don't worry though. You can make it.

Yay another gold circle. And it's the last one. :D

Attack the enemy base!! Use any spell you have now.

This is the place where enemy ambushed you. Just chill and defend the caravans.