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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Sentinels Campaign: Chapter 3

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First thing you have to do is explore all the part of the map. The path is quite linear, no tricky things in this mission unless you want to complete you optional mission. ;-)

Crates and barrels may contain some useful stuff. Try to break it by using attack move key, usually "A".

Some place you can use blink spell to gain access to that area, like this.

Another spot you can blink.

Take the Shadow Orb here to start the optional mission. This is the first place of the Shadow Orb fragments.

Another optional quest when you break the barriers. There are three places, so you have to find the other two near top left and right.

Blink there, you will get the second frament of Shadow Orb.

Blink here and break all the crates and barrels. You will get the third framgent of Shadow Orb.

Fourth fragment of Shadow Orb.

Blink to that rune there. But you have to blink again at the end of the path to get the fifth fragment of Shadow Orb.

Sixth fragment of Shadow Orb.

Seventh fragmet

One of the tricky way to get the eighth fragment of Shadow Orb. To see the rune, use spell Sentinel at the tree over there. Neisha or one of its kind has that spell.

Using the same method before, do it again here to get the nineth fragment of Shadow Orb.

The last fragment of Shadow Orb. *To open the gate, there are some magical platform near that area that unlocks the door.

Open this door when you have completed all the optional quests.

For the last quest, just head back to where you started in this mission. Simply use your blink spell to avoid enemies. There are many runes out there that can save and help you. Happy escaping :) [END OF CHAPTER 3]