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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Sentinels Campaign: Chapter 5

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You will start your mission with more heroes. Your mission is quite simple, go to the base shown in the minimap while keeping the new two heroes alive.

On the way to the base, you will receive your optional quest. This quest is so much easy because the location is shown in the minimap.

Two important spell the really help you in this mission is Force of Nature from Malfurion and Heal from the bear and also Malfurion.

What Maiev said might be true but who cares? We got plenty of armies of tree, non-stop heal and many spells. To be safe, just make a quick attack. Your group of armies is quite strong to destroy the enemy base now.

The starfall spell can hit buildings and towers. So place the hero to the right place before use the spell.

Remember to use the tree armies. Really helpful. The decreasing order of priority to kill/destroy are hero, towers, other units, production building (barracks, hero tomb) and lastly other buildings.