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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Sentinels Campaign: Chapter 2

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This is where the game started. The main mission is to locate Illidan but dont rush about it. Now, let's make your hero stronger and also, upgrades your units too.

When leveling, let your hero received all the attacks while archers support her. Then when level up, try to max the first spell.

Go to the Moon Well to regenerates your HP and mana.

Explore the map and try to gain as much experience and hero item as you can.

To complete the optional mission, you do not need many units. Just like before, let the hero alone received the attacks while spamming the first skill when needed.

Don't spend too long fighting the enemies unless you have enough potions. Just straight to their base and destroy it.

Before going anywhere far, upgrade your units first and then go wherever you wants to go. Upgraded units are stronger and can deal high damage, enemies will rest in peace in no time. :D

If you think you can handle the enemies here, then go raid their base. They won't attack your base after this.

As you can see that your resource is very limited. So it is a good idea to attack the main enemy base when your units are fully upgraded. Build more archers because they have longer attack range and quite deadly if many. :P

The final clash. Let the units with high HP and armor in front while archers do their job.