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Zombie Driver Walkthrough Mission 20: LAWN MOWER

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Upgrade the car.

Here we are.

Take the necessary weapons required.

Get to the location on the map.

Kill the zombies on the way

Here we are.

Listen to the conversation.

You need to kill the tree zombie.

Shoot at it continuously.

The extent of destruction is showed on the right top corner.

Look out for the branch it beats with.

Look for weapons around.

Also for health icon

Kill the zombie things around.

Look for health icon if car is damages.

Here we go.

Shoot at the zombie tree.

There is health icon.

Look out for roots under the ground in the area

Here we shoot it.

Listen to the conversation.

Get to the location for ammo.

Use map for route

Here we are.

Park at the green mark.

Take the weapon if required.

Get to the location.

Use map.

Here we are.

Park at the green mark.

The tree is destroyed later.

Listen to the conversation.

Now get to the base

Here we are.

Park at the mark

Mission accomplished.