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Zombie Driver Walkthrough Mission 18: THUNDERHORSE

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You are given tank.

Get to the location on the map.

Use map to get to the locations.

Runover the zombies on the way.

Here we are.

Kill all the zombies in the area.

Shoot twice at the thing to kill it.

Kill all the zombies

Look for health icon if tank is damaged.

Kill all the big things.

Here we go.

As soon as all are dead the icon disappears from the map.

Now get to next location.Here we are.

Look for health icon.

Kill all of them in the circle.

Here we go.

Now get to another location by using map.

Look for health icon on the way.

Here we are.

Kill all the big zombie things in the icon.Here we are.Park it.Mission accomplished

Here we go.

Take the health icon.

All are destroyed.

Now return to base.

Kill zombies on the way to accomplish secondary mission.

Look for health icons also.

Here we go.

Later get to the base.

Here we are.

Park it over the mark.

Mission accomplished.