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Zombie Driver Walkthrough Mission 25: ROTTEN TULIP

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Upgrade the car.

Take the weapon.

Use map to get to location on map.

Here we go.

Here we are.

Kill the big zombie thing first.

Later on kill the zombies in the area.

Kill this one too.

Here we go.

Get to beside location and kill the zombies.

Take out the bus first.

Later kill the remaining zombies and take the health icon.

Here we go.

Park at the green mark later after killing everyone.

Here we go.

Listen to the conversation.

Get to next mark.

Park it.

Listen to theconversation.

And finally park it at the final mark.

Here we are.

Now get to the next location on the map.

Use map to get to it.

Here we are.

Take out the zombie things.

Here we go.

Later on kill the remaining zombies.

Now proceed to base.

Use map.

Here we are.

Park it at the mark.

Mission accomplished.