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February 25, 2019 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 4 minutes

This is a complete list of user names and passwords for Huawei routers.

How To Login to a Huawei Router

Most routers have a web interface. This means that in order to login to them you start with your web browser.

In general you login to a Huawei router in three steps:

  1. Find Your Huawei Router IP Address
  2. Enter Your Huawei Router IP Address Into your web browser's Address Bar
  3. Enter your Huawei Router username and password when prompted

The list of user names and passwords is below.

How to Reset Your Huawei Router Password To Default Settings

If none of the passwords below work for you then you have 2 options:

Please only reset your router as a last resort.

Huawei Router Password List

Here is a list of all known Huawei passwords and the router they were discovered on.

Be sure to try them all!

Huawei Model Username Password
B190 3WebCube admin admin
B2268H admin LTEcpe
B2268S PLDT homebro homebro
B2338-168 user Enduser
B3000 admin admin
B310As-852 admin admin
B310s-22 Orange Flybox admin admin
B310s-925 admin admin
B310s-927 user user
B310s-927 Bolt printed on label printed on label
B310s-927 InfiNet admin admin
B315s-22 admin admin
B315s-22 DNA admin 1234
B315s-22 Zain admin admin
B315s-22 Zain blank admin
B315s-22 Zain v2 unknown admin
B315s-936 admin admin
B525s-23a admin admin
B525s-65a admin admin
B525s-95a admin admin
B5318-42 admin admin
B5318-42 user zain
B593 admin admin
B593 blank admin
B593s-22 admin admin
B593s-601 admin admin
B593v2 admin admin
B612s-25d admin admin
B612s-51d admin admin
B618s-22d admin admin
B660 admin admin
B681 admin admin
B683 admin admin
B683 MTN admin admin
B683 MTN blank admin
B683V admin admin
B68A admin admin
B68L blank admin
B880-75 admin admin
B882-66 admin admin
B890-66 admin admin
B890-66 blank admin
B890-75 admin admin
BM625 admin admin
BM625 user user
BM632 admin admin
BM632 user user
BM635 admin admin
D100 admin blank
D105 admin admin
DG8245W2-10 admin @HuaweiHgw
DN8245W admin printed on router
DR814 admin admin
E355 admin admin
E5172 admin admin
E51728s-925 admin admin
E5172s-920 admin admin
E5172s-920 user user
E5180As-22 admin admin
E5180s-22 admin admin
E5186s-22a admin admin
E5186s-22a NetMan admin admin
E5186s-61a admin admin
E5186s-61a printed on label printed on label
E5186s-a admin admin
E5220 admin admin
E5330 admin admin
E5330Bs-2 admin admin
E5331 blank admin
E5336 admin admin
E5372 VIVA admin admin
E5372_-_Zain admin admin
E5377s admin admin
E5573 admin admin
E5573 printed on label printed on label
E5573Cs-322 admin admin
E5573Cs-609 admin admin
E5573s admin admin
E5577Cs-603 admin admin
E5577s admin admin
E5770 admin admin
E5776 admin admin
E5785-92c blank same as default wifi, printed on router
E5788u-96a admin admin
E586 admin admin
E5885L admin admin
E8231 admin admin
E8231s-1 admin admin
E8372 admin admin
E960 admin blank
EchoLife BM625 admin admin
EchoLife BM625 user user
EchoLife BM626 admin admin
EchoLife EG8245Q Epuser userEp
EchoLife EG8247H5 Epuser userEp
EchoLife HG520b admin admin
EchoLife HG520b Telmex user user
EchoLife HG520c admin admin
EchoLife HG520i admin admin
EchoLife HG520u admin admin
EchoLife HG520v admin admin
EchoLife HG521 admin admin
EchoLife HG523 admin admin
EchoLife HG532 admin admin
EchoLife HG532b admin admin
EchoLife HG556a admin admin
EchoLife HG556a VF-IRhg556 VF-IRhg556
EchoLife HG556a vodafone vodafone
EchoLife HG8247H printed on nameplate of device printed on nameplate of device
EchoLife HG8247H root admin
EchoLife HG866 admin admin
EchoLife HG866 root admin
EchoLife HS8145C useradmin unknown
EchoLife-HG8247 admin admin
EG8145V5 root admin
EG8245H5 root admin
F2000 admin unknown
Flybox B970 Admin admin
H112-370 blank printed on router
HA35 admin printed on router cover
HG232f admin admin
HG253s admin superonline
HG255s admin superonline
HG256s admin admin
HG510 admin admin
HG521c admin 3bb
HG521c admin admin
HG530 admin admin
HG531 admin admin
HG531 V1 admin admin
HG531s Spark admin admin
HG532a admin admin
HG532b admin admin
HG532d admin admin
HG532e user user
HG532e Vodafone vodafone vodafone
HG532f admin admin
HG532n admin admin
HG532s admin admin
HG552e admin admin
HG553 admin admin
HG556a vodafone vodafone
HG55a vodafone vodafone
HG622 admin admin
HG622u admin admin
HG630 admin 3bb
HG630 user HuaweiUser
HG630 Open user HuaweiUser
HG630 V2 user HuaweiUser
HG630 V2 3BB admin 3bb
HG630 V2 TE Data user HuaweiUser
HG630a user HuaweiUser
HG630b admin admin
HG633 admin admin
HG633 TalkTalk admin admin
HG635 admin admin
HG635 TalkTalk admin admin
HG655b admin admin
HG655d admin admin
HG658 admin admin
HG658 V2 STC admin admin
HG658b user HuaweiUser
HG658c vodafone vodafone
HG658d printed on router printed on router
HG658G vodafone vodafone
HG659 admin admin
HG659 admin unknown
HG659 user HuaweiUser
HG659 vodafone vodafone
HG659 Dodo admin unknown
HG659 Dodo user HuaweiUser
HG659b Spark admin admin
HG685c vodafone vodafone
HG8045A root admin
HG8045Q user user
HG8145V admin 1234
HG8145V admin 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e
HG8244H Ooredoo admin admin
HG8245 telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8245A telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8245D root adminHW
HG8245H root admin
HG8245H telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8245H user [email protected]
HG8245Q digicel digicel
HG8245Q user user
HG8245Q STC telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8245Q2 root admin
HG8245Q2 telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8245T root admin
HG8245T telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8245W5 entel [email protected]
HG8247 telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8247H root admin
HG8247H5 root adminHW
HG8247Hv2 root admin
HG850a admin admin
HG8546M admin admin
HGG2500 vodafone vodafone
R205 blank admin
SMARTAX MT800 admin admin
Smartax MT841 admin admin
SmartAX MT880 admin admin
SmartAX MT880a admin admin
SmartAX MT880a user user
SmartAX MT882 admin admin
SmartAX-MT882 admin admin
WA1003A admin admin
WS323 admin admin

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