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February 25, 2019 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 4 minutes

This is a complete list of user names and passwords for ZyXEL routers.

How To Login to a ZyXEL Router

Most routers have a web interface. This means that in order to login to them you start with your web browser.

In general you login to a ZyXEL router in three steps:

  1. Find Your ZyXEL Router IP Address
  2. Enter Your ZyXEL Router IP Address Into your web browser's Address Bar
  3. Enter your ZyXEL Router username and password when prompted

The list of user names and passwords is below.

How to Reset Your ZyXEL Router Password To Default Settings

If none of the passwords below work for you then you have 2 options:

Please only reset your router as a last resort.

ZyXEL Router Password List

Here is a list of all known ZyXEL passwords and the router they were discovered on.

Be sure to try them all!

ZyXEL Model Username Password
AMG1202-T10A blank 1234
AMG1302-T10B admin 1234
AMG1302-T10D admin 1234
C1000Z on bottom of router on bottom of router
C1100Z on sticker under the router on sticker under the router
C1100Z printed on bottom of router printed on bottom of router
C3000Z admin printed on router
D1000 eircom admin Printed on Router Label
DEL1201-T10A blank admin
EMG2926 admin admin
EMG2926 admin blank
EMG2926-Q10A admin 1234
EMG3415-B10A admin admin
EMG3425-Q10A admin 1234
EQ-660R admin 1234
F1000 admin blank
F1000 admin wireless key printed on the back of the device
HomeBox 6641 created at setup created at setup
HS-100W admin admin
IAD-P2602 blank admin
Keenetic III admin admin
Keenetic Lite II admin 1234
Keenetic Lite II admin admin
Keenetic Omni II admin admin
LTE3311 admin 1234
LTE3311 user blank
LTE4506-M606 admin 1234
NBG-334W blank 1234
NBG-415N admin 1234
NBG-416N admin 1234
NBG-418N admin 1234
NBG-418N v2 admin 1234
NBG-418N v2 admin blank
NBG-419N blank 1234
NBG-4604 admin 1234
NBG5615 admin 1234
NBG6515 blank 1234
NBG6716 blank 1234
NBG6817 blank 1234
P 2601HN admin 1234
P 2601HN blank 1234
P 2602H blank 1234
P 2602HW blank 1234
P 2602HW blank 1234
P 2602HWT admin admin
P 2602HWT admin blank
P 2602HWT blank 1234
P 2602R blank 1234
P 2812HNU admin 1234
P 2812HNU user 1234
P 324 blank 1234
P 330w admin 1234
P 330W EE admin 1234
P 334WT blank 1234
P 336M admin 1234
P 660 D1 RoHS 1234 1234
P 660 D1 RoHS blank 1234
P 660 RT 1 v3s admin 1234
P 660H T1 admin admin
P 660H T1 blank 1234
P 660H T3 1234 1234
P 660H T3 blank 1234
P 660HN F1Z blank 1234
P 660HN T1A blank 1234
P 660HW D1 blank 1234
P 660HW D1 blank 1234
P 660HW T1 blank 1234
P 660HW T1 blank admin
P 660HW T3 1234 1234
P 660HW T3 blank 1234
P 660R D1 1234 1234
P 660R D1 blank 1234
P 660R ELNK admin 1234
P 660R F1 admin 1234
P 660R T1 admin 1234
P 660R T1 blank 1234
P 660R T1 blank admin
P 660RT2 blank 1234
P 660RU T1 admin 1234
P 660RU T1 blank 1234
P 661H D1 admin admin
P 661HNU F1 admin 1234
P 661HW D1 user 1234
P 870HN 51b admin 1234
P-2602HWT-F1 user 1234
P-2602R-D1A blank 1234
P-2612HNU-F1F PLDT 1234 1234
P-2612HNU-F1F PLDT adminpldt 1234567890
P-2812HNU-F1 admin 1234
P-2812HNU-F3 admin 1234
P-660HN-51 admin 1234
P-660HN-T1H admin admin
P-660HN-T1H blank 1234
P-663HN-51 Frontier admin admin
P8701T 1234 1234
P8701T admin last 4 of routers mac address
P8702Nv2 admin unknown
P8802T2R cht chtnvdsl
PK5000Z blank blank
PK5000Z blank blank
PK5001Z admin unknown
PK5001Z Printed on Routers Label Printed on Routers Label
Prestige 2602H 61 blank admin
Prestige 2602H 61C blank 1234
Prestige 2602H 61C blank admin
Prestige 2602HW 61 blank admin
Prestige 2602HWL 61 blank admin
Prestige 334 blank 1234
Prestige 600 admin 1234
Prestige 600HW T1 admin 1234
Prestige 623 admin 1234
Prestige 623 41 admin 1234
Prestige 623ME admin 1234
Prestige 623R A1 admin 1234
Prestige 623R T1 admin 1234
Prestige 645 Admin 1234
Prestige 645R A1 admin 1234
Prestige 645R A2 admin 1234
Prestige 650 admin 1234
Prestige 650H admin 1234
Prestige 650R admin 1234
Prestige 650R 31 admin 1234
Prestige 650R 33 admin 1234
Prestige 650R E1 admin 1234
Prestige 652 admin 1234
Prestige 653HWI admin 1234
Prestige 660HW T1 admin admin
Prestige 660HW T3 admin 1234
Prestige 660HW61 admin 1234
Prestige 660HW67 admin 1234
Prestige 660ME61 admin 1234
Prestige 660RU T3 admin admin
Prestige 792H admin 1234
Prestige 960 webadmin 1234
Prestige 964 webadmin 1234
Q1000Z blank blank
RP314 admin 1234
SP 660 blank 1234
VFG6005N admin 1234
VMG1312-B10D admin 1234
VMG1312-B30A admin 1234
VMG3326-D20A admin 1234
VMG3326-D20A PrintedOnRouterLabel PrintedOnRouterLabel
VMG3925-B10B admin 1234
VMG3925-B10B admin password
VMG3926 B10A admin 1234
VMG3926 B10A user user
VMG3926-B10A admin 1234
VMG4325-B10A admin 1234
VMG4381-B10A admin 1234
VMG4825-B10A admin 1234
VMG5313-B30A Administrator printed on router
VMG8324 B10A admin password
VMG8825-B admin printed on router
VMG8825-T50 admin printed on router
VMG8924 B10A admin 1234
VMG8924 B10A admin password
VMG8924-B30A admin 1234
VSG1432-B101 admin 1234
VSG1432-Telus admin telus
X 550 admin 1234
X650 admin 1234
XMG3512-B10A admin 1234
XMG3512-B10A user 1234
ZyAIR B 2000 blank 1234
ZyAIR G 2000 blank 1234
ZyAIR G 2000 Plus blank 1234
ZyAIR G 2000 Plus blank 1234
ZyWall 1 blank 1234
ZyWall 10 blank 1234
ZyWall 100 blank 1234
ZyWALL 110 admin 1234
ZyWALL 2 blank 1234
ZyWall 2WE blank 1234
ZyWALL 35 admin 1234
Zywall 70 blank 1234
ZyWALL ATP100 admin 1234
ZyWALL USG 20 admin 1234
ZyWALL Z 70 UTM blank 1234
ZyWALL-USG50 admin 1234

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