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Landfall - Walk It Off

Welcome to Halo 3. The game starts with a short cut scene.

After the scene, the Master Chief will have his tracking checked.

Follow the path with the rest of the squad. When you get to the log, press the A button to jump over it.

Follow the path as it winds around to the right. When you reach the little rock ledges, jump up them.

The path will now wind to the left. Then it will turn right.

When you come to the waterfall an inbound Phantom will be seen.

The first grunts you get to kill will be to your right.

Kill the grunts and then follow the stream.

As you follow the water, more grunts and some brutes will be dropped in.

Follow the path through some caves. When you exit the caves, you will find some grunts sleeping. Walk up to them and press the B button to kill them silently.

Climb the hill while shooting grunts and company. The path will wind around to the right. When you hear voices there will be a brute holding a human.

You can shoot the brute to save the human.

Continue walking forward, and then up a ramp that is to your left. Then walk across to the cave.

The path will start heading down in to some caves. At that point grunts will attack.

Kill the grunts and head through the caves. When you jump off a cliff in the caves, a cut scene will start. After the scene continue on the path.

Landfall - Charlie Foxtrot

When you arrive at the river the pelicans are attacked. Kill the grunts. Now to go up the river to find one of the pelicanís crew.

The Covenant will ambush the Chief in the jungle. Kill the snipers.

You will see Johnson the marine youíre out to save, being chased by Covenant forces across a log bridge.

Shoot some of the Covenant chasing him before heading under the log and around to the right.

Just as you pass under the log grunts attack. Continue to the right and up the ramp. Cross the log.

To the right is the cave Johnson went through. Follow the caves.

A cut scene will begin when you leave the caves. Go forward and drop down to the compound.

Landfall - Quid Pro Quo

To the right is the entrance to the bridge. Kill the covenant forces as you go.

There will be some bigger covenants troops on the bridge.

Finish crossing the bridge. To the left in the back are stairs down.

Follow this walkway forward and around to the left. Inside the room is Johnson.

Hold the RB button to lower force field.

You get a message that a pelican is inbound. Covenant forces show up to make sure you don't catch your ride.

Kill the grunts and brutes while waiting for the pelican. When the pelican get to the compound, go to the bridge.

Hold the RB button to jump in the pelican.

This completes the Chiefs first mission.

Holdout - Know Your Role

Climb up the stairs. Then climb down the stairs in the floor.

At the T section, go to the right.

Go through the door. Go up the stairs to the left.

You will hear an explosion. The hangar is to the left of the stairs.

Go through the door. Then walk to the right. Follow this hallway to a T section.

Head left at T section to a door. Go through the door and the grunts are to your left.

Follow this path until you reach a hallway to the left.

Follow this hallway. Go left when you can't go forward anymore.

Go through the door to the right.

Go through either door here in to the hangar.

There are two Covenant Dropships here. Kill the Covenant ground troops in the hangar.

Once the hangar is clear you get the message to go back to the op center. Head back to the ops center.

Just before you reach the ops center drones attack you.

Go through door. Go left when you can, then up the stairs.

Holdout - Gift With Purchase

At the top of stairs the Chief gets new orders. Turn around and climb the stairs to the top.

Go through the door. Go down the ramps to the next door.

In this room will be a lot of brutes. Kill them while trying to make it up the ramps.

At the top of the ramps is a door to the right.

Go to the right. At the open chute a drone will pop out. Kill the drone.

Drop down the chute.

At the bottom another cut scene from Cortana will begin.

Turn left and follow this vent shaft. About halfway across, the room will shake. Five drones will attack you.

After you destroy the drones, continue across the shaft. At the end is another chute down.

Drop down to the next level. Then go out the door and drop down again.

On the platform, there is a door to you left.

Go through the door and to the right.

Up ahead will be a brute holding a marine. Kill the brute.

Go to the left. Kill the brutes as you continue down this hallway.

At the corner head to the right. Follow this hallway until you can go right again.

Follow this hallway until you reach a door.

Go through the door and then to the right. Open this door as well.

To the left is an elevator.

Activate the elevator by holding the RB button. Wait for it to come down to you. Get in the elevator.

Activate the elevator. At the top of elevator, brutes with jet packs attack.

After the fight, the Chief gets new orders. To the left of where you entered from is stairs down.

At the bottom of stairs go right.

Holdout - Last One Out Gets The Lights

Turn right at the next corner. Follow this hallway. Before the door will be another Cortana cut scene.

After the cut scene, go through the door. Open the door to the left.

Kill the grunt in front of you and hold RB to man the plasma cannon.

If you hold the B button you will rip the plasma cannon free from the turret.

Go forward and down the ramps. At the bottom of the ramps will be a grunt manning another plasma cannon.

Walk to the left towards a big room. Just before the room are two plasma cannons. There is one on each side of the hallway.

There is one more plasma cannon in the room. To the left of the last cannon is the door to the ops center.

Climb the ramps to the top. Open the door. Go in to the ops center.

Fight the Covenant forces in the room. Go down the stairs to the bomb. Hold RB to arm the bomb.

Climb the stairs up to the landing with the stairs to the hangar.

Go down the stairs and then to the right. You will run in to grunts near the door.

Grunts and Jackals will attack you in the next room.

The stairs are to the left of the door. Climb the stairs to the top and go through the door.

Head right in the hallway after the door. At the next doorway Cortana talks again.

Follow this hallway until the T section. Head left through a door.

A bunch of grunts and drones will head left. Go left and kill the grunts.

Follow this hallway until you reach the door to the left.

Follow this hallway until you can't go forward anymore and then go left.

To the right is a door, but when the Chief goes through Cortana talks again.

Head through one of the doors and in to the hangar. Fight the grunts and jackals in here.

In the back and on the right is a hallway. Go down the ramp in this hallway. At the bottom to the left is the elevator.

Use the elevator. Another Cortana cut scene. This brings the Master Chief to the end of mission 2.

The Road - Full Contact Safari

There is a door to your right. Go through both doors.

In the vehicle bay jump in a Warthog. Let a marine drive.

The marine will start driving through the cave. Just before the exit, some covenant troops attack.

Once outside the driver will go in a few loops while you take out the grunts and brutes.

Over the hill will be a couple jackals next to a downed phantom.

A sniper will be in a hover vehicle. After him on the top of the next hill, will be some grunts and brutes. The driver will stay until you kill them all.

Around the bend will be some marines being attacked by what look like motorcycles. Kill them and the grunts to move on.

When the driver starts hitting the plasma field blocking the tunnel, jump out if the warthog by pressing RB. Go around the plasma field and smash the emitter with the B button.

Get back in the turret. When the driver stops the warthog at the end of the road, jump out.

Run along the I-beam, and jump to the next one. Run along the road.

The Road - The Broken Path

Go under the bridge. On the other side will be some lonely grunts and brutes.

After you cure the covenant forces, the road goes to the left.

Go up the hill on the left and rip the chain gun from its turret. Some brutes will be dropped off.

After you have been taken care of the brutes, a wraith shows up. Take it out as well.

A warthog will be dropped off. Jump in the turret again.

As the warthog goes around the rock, there will be a sniper in the hover vehicle.

There are also three of those cycle things. The driver will stay in the area until the covenant forces are dead.

After the cave there will be two brutes and then two cycles.

Around the hill will be 5 cycles, 2 wraiths, and 2 turrets on the hill.

Once the covenant forces are dead, the driver will drive up the back side of the hill and get on the road again.

The warthog will stop at a road block. Jump out of the warthog.

Run along the road. Coming down the backside of the hill there will be like 10 brutes and a turret. Get close to the turret and take the gunner out.

Once all the covenant forces are dead run through the shield. Then destroy the plasma emitter.

This will bring the Chief to the end of mission 3.

Assault - Ghost Town

Just sit back and enjoy the drive to the base. Walk up the ramp to the door.

Open the door. When you are inside go forward and then up the stairs to the left.

Go through the door to the right at the top of stairs.

Turn right and follow the hallway. Go through the door at the end of hallway.

Turn right and ahead and to the right will be switch for door for the warthog.

Go down to ground level and use the switch next to the door to open the door.

Follow the tunnel to another door. Hit the switch to open the door.

After you hit the switch you can either jump in the warthog as a gunner or take a Covenant ghost that is nearby.

Once you are outside take out the ground troops and enemy ghost vehicles. The primary target is an anti-aircraft wraith.

Take the wraith out once you kill the other Covenant forces. Kill any remaining wraith in the area.

When the warthog enters the building near the last wraith, jump out. Climb the stairs and kill any grunts or brutes up here.

The door between bays will open. Cross in to the next bay. Stock up on ammo next to the warthog.

Now jump in the warthog gunner seat. As you start down the tunnel Cortana will speak again.

Jump out of the warthog. Climb on the mongoose that has an empty driver seat. You can get in either in the driver seat or the passenger seat.

Just drive around and let the gunner shoot the AA wraith and drop ships. When the area is clear you get message about something big coming your way.

Assault - Judgement

To kill the Scarab Tank drive under it and the gunner will shoot it.

Once the scarab drops to its knees, jump off the mongoose and then jump inside the scarab.

Go up the ramp and outside. Go around either side. In the back is the core.

Destroy the core. Once the core goes critical, it's time to jump off the scarab.

Find cover before it blows up. After the scarab is destroyed go to the building the scarab climbed over.

At the top of the ramp go right to a door. Follow the hallway to a room. Inside the room Cortana will talk again.

Go through the door. Follow this hallway as it winds around. You will come to a door that opens on its own.

Make your way forward through this room. Kill all the covenant forces your find. Some warehouse workers will be in trouble.

Kill the brutes chasing them.

Go through the door in back left corner.

Turn and head right to another door. Covenant forces will be waiting at the door. Two hunters will be at the head of the pack.

Take them down with some grenades if you can. Otherwise shoot them from behind.

Clean up the remaining covenant forces outside. Follow the path to the right.

The path will end in a big open area. The anti-aircraft cannon is the huge thing in the background. Sweet.

Run up the hill, killing any grunts, jackals, and brutes that try and stop you. Grab the chain gun on the way. It will speed the killing spree.

When the area is clear, wait for the cannon to fire. When it does a chamber on the bottom opens.

There is a glowing white/blue object in there, shoot the white/blue object.

The AA Cannon will fall shortly. This brings the Chief to the end of the 4th Mission.

Cleansing - It Followed Me Home

Turn to the right and follow the path. Go up the ramps.

Go forward and then around the left bend.

Follow this path until you find the marines.

The flood will show up converting marines in to flood zombies.

Kill the little flood monsters to keep the others from being resurrected.

Go to the right side of the ramp and then up the stairs to the right.

Go through the door. In the next room will be some flood and a marine. Kill the marine if he gets infected.

Go through door at far end of room.

To the left is stairs down. There are lots of flood down here.

To the back and right of where you stepped of the stairs is the way to go.

When you enter the room, go to the left and then to the right when you can. There will be more flood here to kill.

Go under the walkway and up the stairs to the right.

Go around on the walkway to a door.

Drop down through the hole and have a chat with Cortana.

After the chat with Cortana, head to the left and around to the arbiter.

Go through the door he is facing. Go around the winding passages. Flood will attack you around the first bend.

At the end of passage is a door. Go through the door.

To the right is the door out of the room.

Follow this hallway to the outside. When the Chief reaches the outside, a cut scene begins.

Cleansing - Shadow of Intent

Follow the path to the right and at the first left with a broken railing drop down.

Turn to your right and follow the path until you reach a ramp up. Flood will attack you just before the ramp.

At the top of ramp, there is a door to the right.

The passage turns to the right. Flood will attack in the passage.

Continue down the passage until you reach a room. There is some ammo near the bodies, but when you get near it the flood attack you.

There are stairs to the right or left of where you come in. Go through the door the flood entered from.

Go around to the right and down the stairs to the left.

Door will be to the right of the stairs.

Outside more flood attack you. The path to the downed flood ship is to the right of the crates.

At the end of the path turn left and drop down.

Forward and to the left of where you drop in is a ramp.

At the top of ramp drop in the hole.

Cleansing - Infinite Devil Machine

At the bottom, go to the right. Now the Gravemind is talking to you.

Keep going until you reach another hole down.

Go to the right and follow this passage. When you enter the room the Gravemind talks again.

The glowing blue thing in the back has Cortana. Walk up to it and hold RB to receive a message from Cortana.

This brings the Chief to the end of the 5th mission.

Refuge - Installation 00

Go through the looped rock.

Just follow the marines, they will lead you to where you need to go. You will get to a structure.

Kill the covenant forces here. Go towards the cliff and turn left.

Head in to the cave. You will be at another structure when you leave the cave.

Once every covenant is dead here, two hunters drop in to play.

Straight ahead from where you entered is the path out of here. Follow the path up the hill to the left.

At the top of hill to the right is a cave.

Drop down to the area below.

The door to the right is where you are headed.

Follow this hallway to a door that opens for you.

Once outside go to the left and follow the ramp down.

There are some covenant forces around this downed pelican.

After the grunts and brutes are dead, some more brutes show up on the prowlers.

When the brutes are dead, climb on the vehicle of your choice.

Go over the dunes to the right and you will see a crashed ship. Covenant forces are around that ship.

Then go around the right side of the ship. Follow this gorge to a downed covenant ship. There are more grunts here.

Follow the gorge past the covenant ship and you will arrive at a structure. There are those cycles and up the hill by the bridge, some grunts and brutes.

Once the area is clear to the right of this structure, is another gorge. Follow this gorge to a covenant outpost.

Once the outpost is cleared there is a cave to the right of where you came in.

In the next area is a sniper tower, some ground troops, and a wraith.

When the area is clear, go up the ramp on the right side of area.

At the top of this hill is another sniper tower, some more ground troops, and two AA wraiths.

Kill everything here. Your primary targets should be the two wraiths. After the covenant forces are dead, a pelican will arrive.

Then a much bigger ship arrives.

Refuge - Forward Unto Dawn

The big ship drops off all sorts of armored vehicles. Jump in one.

Go back over the hill. Covenant forces show up so you can try your new toys.

Now head back in to the cave. When you get to the cave two hunters run out.

A couple of shots and the hunters are dead. When you exit the cave at the other end, a phantom will be dropping of some grunts.

A few good hits will take the phantom out.

Go down the ramp to the left of the cave.

As the path curves to the left, there will be a couple ghosts.

Continue under the structure and come out to the left to a wraith, and a few ghosts. Take the enemy vehicles out.

Up the hill will be a sniper tower and some grunts.

Follow the path to the right back to the "Wall". When you arrive back at the wall, there will be a turret at the top of hill in the very back.

There will be two wraiths to the left, and a wraith on the bridge to your right. Plus there are some grunts.

Clear the covenant forces from the area. Then cross the bridge.

At the end of bridge, turn left and shoot the two grey things on either side of the door.

Get out of your vehicle and go through the open door.

Go down the ramp to a door on the left.

The Oracle will open the door.

Walk forward and then left on the balcony. Use the device to extend the bridge.

To the right of the device is a door. Go through the door.

To the right is a big door.

Go through this door as well. A warthog will drive up. Jump in either the driver seat or the turret seat.

Two ghosts will show up. After you kill the ghosts, continue down the ramp to a covenant outpost.

After the outpost is the armor squad your apart of.

Jump out of the warthog and take control of a scorpion tank again.

Once back in a scorpion, go down the hill in front of the tank.

There will be some ghosts and wraiths on the way down.

At the bottom the scarab attacks.

Do the same thing you did with the last one. Get under it with your tank and shoot out its knees.

Once it drops to its knees get behind it and you can shoot out the section blocking the core.

Once open to attack shoot the core until it blows up.

One more scarab falls to the Master Chief.

Finish the ghosts in the area. To the right of where you came down is a ramp up.

The tank will only make it up on ramp, but use it to take out the covenant forces higher up the structure.

When the way is clear, jump out. Run up the ramps to the roof.

At the top of the ramps go straight to a door.

Refuge - Real Men Dont Read Maps

The Oracle will open a door to the left.

Go through a door to the right in the back of room.

Go down the ramp and through a door to the left.

Follow this hallway to another door to the left.

Either go down the ramp here or through the door straight ahead.

Kill the grunts in this room and move to the next room.

There is a brute in here as well as some grunts.

The door out of here is in the back on the right.

Follow the ramps down. At the bottom of ramp is a room with five brutes and like six jackals.

The door is out is in the back of room, left side.

Then go right and take the door to the left.

On the raised section, in the middle is the cartographer.

Use the cartographer. A cut scene will begin. After the scene a phantom shows up.

Go back to the previous room. In the second room from the cartographer is another big fight.

Once all the covenant are dead in this room, on the far side of the room take the door on the right.

Go down ramp and through door at the bottom of ramp.

Go to either side and through door. Go down the ramp back to other room.

The brutes in this room are using cloaking devices. They are not that hard to see still.

The door out is to your left.

Go to the left when you enter the room. Head down the ramp.

You have another big fight in the next room. The big guy in the center of the room is the worst of the lot.

Kill him first, then mop up the rest of the covenant forces.

A pelican picks you up. A cut scene will begin. This will bring Master Chief to the end of the 6th mission.

Last Stand - Trident

As soon as you hit the ground, you are under attack. Kill the brutes and grunts.

The path is straight and to the right.

There is an anti-aircraft wraith on the hill.

Once the wraith is gone, a pelican drops a warthog.

Take your preferred seat. Follow the coast to a mountain.

Follow the gorge up the mountain. On the way up the gorge, two ghosts, some grunts, and a turret will attack,

As you come around a corner further up the gorge, there will be an assortment of covenant vehicles.

Once the area is clear, jump off the warthog and enter the tower.

Follow the hallway down and to the left. On the right will be a door.

In the room past the door is some grunts and jackals. Proceed through the room to the door at the other end of room.

The hallway goes to the right. To the right up on a ledge will be some jackals and grunts.

Be careful of the glowing blue crates, they explode with enough gunfire.

They wiped out half my squad. The hallway goes around to the left and up a ramp.

To the right on a ledge is the elevator control.

At the top will be some grunts and brutes. And oh yeah one of those hammer guys.

In the back is the switch to shut down the shield generator.

Use the switch. A cut scene begins.

Head back to the outside. On the way, in the last room will be some jackals and grunts.

Get back in your favorite seat in the warthog. Once in the warthog drive all the way back to the beach. Nothing will attack you on the way back.

Last Stand - If You Want It Done Right

At the beach, jump in a hornet. Sweet, you just found a flying ride.

Left stick is forward/backwards. RS is up/down. LT fires missiles and RT fires the turret. To the right is an island. A wraith will be dropped on it.

Kill any other covenant forces around you as well. Follow the coast. Keep the mountains to your right.

Around the corner is the third tower.

Clear the area of any phantoms and other flying covenant ships.

Then clear the anti-aircraft wraith on the ground. There are two, one on each side of the tower.

Once the area is cleared land next to the tower and jump out of the hornet.

When you are on the ground, run up the stairs and kill the brutes here.

Go down the ramps on either side to a door. Brutes will come out of the door.

Enter the tower through the door. Go forward in to the room. Drones will attack you.

There are also two hunters. Take them down as well.

Keep heading to the back of the room where the door is. Go through door and to the left.

To the left will be the upper section again. Go around to the right and kill the brutes that come out of the door.

In the upper section, drones attack again. Walk out on the walkway to the elevator controls.

Ride the elevator to the top. At the top are some brutes. There are five of them to be exact. Four have cloaking devices.

After the brutes are dead, throw the switch to deactivate the shield generator.

A cut scene will begin. After the scene the tower is infested with the flood.

So go back to the elevator. Ride it back to the bottom of the tower.

Make your way back around to the elites. They will be in the room you fought the hunters in.

Outside the door will be some more flood. Use your new grenade on the fat flood.

This will stop them from releasing the little flood that infect people.

Once back at the landing zone. To the left will be some vehicles. May I suggest the scorpion tank.

Go in to the tunnel.

Last Stand - Journeys End

As you come around a curve there will be some covenant forces. Just blow them off the halo.

A turret and a ghost will attack outside the tunnel.

Keep following the path around to the right and back to the left.

Go back to the right around the rock. There will be a wraith blocking the path ahead.

At the end of the road will be some hornets.

Jump out of the scorpion and jump in one of the hornets. Sweet. What could go wrong now.

Oh that could do it. Two scarabs drop in to fight.

Fight the scarabs like you did in the tank. It will be easier to dodge their shots. Once they fall shoot the red glowing thing on their back to uncover the core.
Shoot the core and one less scarab to worry about.

Mop up any remaining covenant forces. Land near the ramp and jump out of the hornet.

Run up the ramp and the Oracle will extend the bridge. Run across the bridge to the Citadel.

Once inside you will hear Cortana again.

Then a cut scene will begin.

Last Stand - Revelation

Now the flood is helping me. What next? Just let the flood clear the way for you. Just wipe up the remaining covenant.

At the end of the walkway will be a door. Run through the room to another door.

Let the flood clear the way for you again.

At the far end of this walkway is yet another door. Go through the small room and down the next walkway.

At the end of this section is a button to extend the bridge.

Press the button. A cut scene will begin. Sweet. The flood are enemies once again. Run back the way you just came from.

Gun down any flood that get in your way. In the second room on the way back, Cortana thinks it is a good time for a chat.

Once in the lift room, there is a chute in the back that is glowing blue.

Jump in the chute. A cut scene will begin. This will bring the Chief to the end of Mission 7.

The Key - Rampant

The small flood will attack you shortly after the mission begins. The path heads to the right.

When the hallway goes back to the left, the path splits and flood attack.

The right fork is a dead end with just some weapons. After the door the Gravemind pipes in.

Take either path around to a chute down.

Now Cortana speaks to you.

When Cortana is done speaking, the flood will attack. The path wraps around to the left, and up a ramp.

The door you want is on the right side. If you find the pelican you went the wrong way.

Gravemind will speak again after the door.

Go up the ramp and then back down the other side. When you see sunlight Gravemind speaks again.

Go through door at bottom of ramp and the forward and then to the right. More flood attack here.

Just run through them. If you kill the big ones the small ones just take them back over.

The path heads to the left here.

At the end of the hallway is a chute down.

Turn around, and then forward. Flood will attack in this room. Clear the room.

After the battle you will hear Cortana speak. Walk to the right side of the room.

Go through arch to a hallway. Walk to the left. At the top of ramp, to the right is the hallway you need.

Go up this ramp and then around to the right. There will be two fat flood that burst.

Go down this ramp and to the left. The path you want going up this ramp is to the right.

Keep following this path. Kill what gets in your way. When the path narrows, the Gravemind speaks to the Chief.

Keep going to a door. Go around to the right to find a ramp up.

At the top of this section of the ramp will be a hole to jump over.

Follow path and you will come to another hole to jump.

Follow the path around to the left. Just before the door is another hole to jump.

After the door you get a double whammy. First Cortana has a cut scene, then Gravemind gets his.

Follow the path down in to the water.

After the water the path goes to the right.

Go through the door. Go to the right along the walkway. Kill what gets in your way but try and just run past the flood.

Look for a bridge that goes to the center of room. It will be on your left side.

At the center, go to the right and there should be another bridge back across the room.

Go to the left a bit, looking for a door on the right.

When you go through door Cortana and Gravemind talk again.

Just follow the hallway down, going through doors on the way. Part way down Cortana will speak again.

At the bottom will be a glowing orb.

Go over to the orb and press the B button to break the orb. You must press it three times.

You are reunited with Cortana at last.

The Key - Nor Hell A Fury

Go forward for a door. The Gravemind will speak again.

Continue up the hallway through the doors. At the top go to the right, looking for a path to the left.

This leads to the center where the reactor is. In the center is a console.

Hold RB to drop the reactor rods. Shoot the thinnest section. The thinnest section will be towards the bottom.

Once the rods have been destroyed the High Charity will begin to explode. If standing at the console, turn around and door out should be straight ahead.

Drop down the hole in floor. Turn around and follow the path that leads down.

Just run and gun your way through. At the bottom you will be in a big room. Kill the flood in here.

Go through the door that is straight ahead of you. A big flood will burst through the wall to the right.

Either kill him or just run through his hole.

Go to the right and then a sharp left.

At the end of path is a hole.

There is a door to the right. Go through it and up the ramp.

The path winds to the left and then back to the right.

To the right should be our friend the Arbiter.

Climb up to the Arbiter. There should be a hole in the wall behind him.

To your left will be a pelican. Run in to its compartment. This will bring the Master Chief to the end of Mission 8.

Return - Full Circle

Just follow the path in front of you. It only leads to your destination.

When you get to the structure pods will drop in, releasing the flood.

Just run for the structure. Go for its right side. At the top of the ramp on the left side, you will be able to get on the structure.

Go to the left around the front.

On the left side is a ramp going up.

At the top turn right and go back around the front.

On the right side is another ramp up.

At the top the door is closed. Just fight the flood until they are all dead.

Once the flood is dead Johnson comes and joins the party. Then the door opens.

Follow the hallway and go left at the split.

Go through the door. Gravemind will say something to you.
picture- 377
Follow the hallway to the right. The door on the right is the one you want.

Go to the door in the center for a cut scene. Sweet. I've been waiting to kill the Oracle since Halo 1.

Just start firing at him. Avoid his laser shots. Then Johnson will fire his spartan laser at the Oracle.

Take the spartan laser from Johnson and shoot the oracle with it.

When you shoot the Oracle enough times a cut scene will begin.

Return - The Way The World Ends

Now just follow the hallways back to the outside. Once outside make a sharp right turn.

Climb up the ramp. Just follow this path around to a door.

Run through here letting the flood and those robots kill each other.

When you reach the corner, turn right and head down the hall. At the corner at the other end of this hall, turn left.

Run down this hall to a door. Get inside a warthog. Jump in the driverís seat.

The Arbiter will decloak and take the turret. Drive straight ahead.

The path curves to the right at the glowing red structure.

Go through what look like arches.

Avoid the holes that open in the path. You will come to a point where forward is not an option. Turn right, follow this path as it winds around to the left.

At the end of the path, hang a sharp right and jump to the lower platform.

Drive across this platform and in to the tunnel.

Drive through the tunnel. Run over anything the Arbiter doesn't kill.

Towards the end of the tunnel the center is closed, so go to the left.

Drive at the jump as fast as the warthog will go.

Straight ahead is one of those things to drive around. This time it starts to the left.

When you leave this structure the road will be to your left.

Follow this section up the ramps. Then it will go right. Shortly after this it will go back to the left.

Gun the warthog and make the jump. What is with these drive around structures? This one starts to the right.

AS you come around to the far side, the structure starts to tilt.

Jump off the right side to get to the next area. Drive for the tunnel.

Drive through this tunnel. At the end will be another jump. Go the right.

Go left when you see the tower fall.

Turn left when you hear that the halo is at 90 percent.

Just floor it through here and you should make the final jump.

The final cut scene will begin. This will bring the Master Chief to the end of Halo 3. Congratulations.