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Allow an App Through the Windows 10 Firewall

allow apps

In this guide I am explaining how to allow or disallow an app through the Windows 10 firewall. If you are unsure what a firewall is, I suggest reading this guide. To learn more about the Windows 10 firewall check out this guide.

Remember this guide is only talking about the Windows 10 Firewall. This is a computer Firewall not a network Firewall. A computer or Windows Firewall only protects the computer it is on.

Firewalls are great at keeping track of your connections and not letting anything through that doesn't have permission. This is great for your security but sometimes you want to allow certain connections through the firewall.

You can do this two different ways:

  1. Opening a port in the Firewall.
  2. Allowing a certain app through the Firewall.

When you make an open port or allow an app through your Firewall you are allowing all communication through on that particular port or app. This is called pinholing a Firewall. A few pinholes are okay, the more you create the more transparent your firewall becomes. Beware of making too many open ports in your Firewall.

Allowing an App Through the Windows 10 Firewall

First you need to navigate to the Firewall section of your Control Panel.

To do this click the Windows Key. It is the key that looks like a window:

win key

Now, simply type Firewall in the search menu. This should give you some options similar to the following image. Choose the option of Windows Firewall.

search results

You are taken to the Windows Firewall page. Select the option of Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.

allow apps

This takes you to the proper page to allow or disallow apps through your Windows 10 Firewall.

allow apps

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